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Trends in weddings come and go, but the allure of a country wedding has lasted the test of time and is set to be big business in 2022. A country-themed wedding at Bredenbury Court in the West Midlands is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your love of all things rustic and old into your decor and design. To help you narrow down your options, we have put together some of our favorite country wedding decor ideas. 

One of our favorite aspects of the rustic wedding style is how adaptable it is. It works with a variety of colour palettes, each of which can help you generate a unique look based on your decor. Stick to a softer colour palette of pastel hues, such as blush pink dusty blue, or sage green, for a more “rustic chic” aesthetic.


Handmade embellishments, rustic accent pieces, and upcycled vintage things are all important features of the rustic wedding decor. You must first decide if you want a classic rustic wedding or something more trendy, such as a “rustic chic” style, before choosing your wedding decor.


The goal of the rustic chic look is to create a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. Think flowing greenery, white chairs, and subdued metallic accents – this modern take on traditional rustic style preserves the core principles but adds romantic and timeless nuances. 


Some of our favourite decor ideas include:

Old wooden wine barrels: Wooden wine barrels make a great addition to a country wedding. It is an excellent choice for flower arrangements, and it may also serve as a table for an outdoor relaxation area.

Tree stumps: For couples on a budget, using tree stumps as wedding decor is a fantastic idea. However, believe it or not, tree stumps are really useful and look fantastic with almost any colour. They can be used as extra seating, cake or dessert stands, or centrepieces.

Wood pallets: Wood pallets can be used to create an eye-catching aesthetic for your wedding, whether you choose a rustic or rugged rural theme. It can be used as a wedding table layout, seating chart, guest book, program sign, ceremony background, and more.

Burlap and lace: Burlap has long been associated with rustic weddings. It can turn your wedding into a country dream, especially when combined with lace.

Mason jars and jam jars: You can easily create a country-themed celebration by incorporating burlap and lace into the Mason Jars, or just filling them with sand and candles, or flowers. It is particularly useful if you are decorating your venue on a budget.

Galvanized metal buckets: Forget glass vases filled with flowers; if you want to go really rustic and country, galvanized metal buckets on the table filled with greenery and baby breath make for a really cute look. Alternatively, see if you can source old metal milk jugs from a salvage yard. 

Country weddings can be fun and quirky and are particularly great if you are looking to hold a wedding on a budget or want to be a little more eco-friendly in some of your decor choices.

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