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Cheap wedding Favours


If you are on a budget and are struggling for cheap wedding favour ideas, then you are in luck as we have given you a rundown of how you can make the perfect budget friendly wedding favours!

The idea of having to buy all your wedding guests personalised wedding favours to keep in line with either the wedding theme or the colour scheme might be a daunting task, but we are here to help! Wedding favours do not need to be expensive, and the best wedding favours tend to be those that have had the thought and effort put in. By crafting your own wedding favours, this means that you are more involved with the design and sentiment behind them so that your guests can really be part of your day.

Luckily for you, we have done the research and brainstormed the internet to make this section of your winter wedding or rustic wedding a little bit easier!

Whether you want your wedding favours to be the perfect sweet treat, hangover kits, or just small gifts, you can easily make the perfect budget friendly wedding favour for your wedding guests to enjoy.

There are so many ways for you to make unique wedding favours without having to break the bank, and who knows; they might turn out to be the best wedding favours that your guests have received!

Importance of Budget-friendly Wedding Favours

Whether you have fancy wedding favours or cheap wedding favors, the importance of including them in your special day all point to one reason; to thank your guests.

Wedding favours can be a part of your wedding where you have to budget due to the higher costing items such as the wedding cake, bridal party and the wedding venue.

However, a budget friendly wedding favour can be personalised and unique to each wedding guest to show how much you appreciate them coming to your special day!

Wedding favours can also be mementos for your guests to take home to remember the time they shared with you and witnessing the next chapter of your life.

Sometimes the best wedding favours are the ones where you have taken the time to think about your guests and to have a personal spin on traditional wedding favours.

Personalized Wedding Favours

Bulk Purchasing

Bulk buying wedding favors are another great way to save the pennies! Bulk buying from businesses usually end up being a lot cheaper as they will offer a discount for the amount you are buying!

Wholesale and trade wedding websites are a great way to find the best deals on bulk items so you can get creative to make the ideal wedding favour for your guest to enjoy. Try and think of nifty items that you can bulk buy such as sweets, pencils, straws, cups, candles or anything you think your guests will appreciate.

It is best to bulk buy items that are easy to personalise such as sweets, chocolates, or gift bags that will definitely fit in with the wedding theme!


If you are on a budget, then you might need to roll your sleeves up and start thinking about some DIY wedding favours that won’t be too expensive. Making your wedding favours is a great way to find out your hidden skills as well as getting stuck in to make your wedding favours unique and personal to each guest.

There are many ways to incorporate DIY into your wedding favours, from homemade bath bombs to delicate tissues to dry those happy tears!

Below we have listed a few DIY budget wedding favour ideas that your wedding guests will love!

Homemade Bath Bombs

Make your guests feel pampered with their very own unique bath bomb! These are a great idea if you want to keep the wedding favours on theme with the colour scheme and you can even personalise them with their own labels!

Personalised Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are a great way for your guests to take home a memento of your wedding day! Have these stamped with the wedding date and your names for your guests to reminisce in years to come!


You can get creative with your wedding favours to be practical for your guests! With every wedding comes the wedding speeches and let’s be honest, there is usually never a dry eye in the room! Prepare your guests with their own personal supply of wedding tissues so that they cry their hearts out!

Personalised Candles

Candles are actually a really easy and inventive way to make cheap wedding favours! Grab some wax, wicks, and containers (which are reasonably cheap online) and get creative!

You can even use stickers to personalise each candle and make the best unique wedding favour that will be loved by everyone.


If you want to get really creative, then wedding magnets are definitely the way to go! Find a charity shop or browse online to find a cheap scrabble board or wooden letters. Stick the magnets to the backs of the pieces to make personalised magnetic letters!

This is a great way to reuse old items and fashion something new to create a budget friendly wedding favour!

Edible Wedding Favours

Homemade Treats

Cheap wedding favour ideas can be anything you want them to be! A great idea for cheap wedding favours is to make edible treats for everyone to enjoy. Homemade treats are a personal way to show your appreciation to your guests for making it to your special day. Even if you are not the best cook, it will give you a challenge and who knows, you might find a new found interest!

After the ceremony, your guests might be feeling a little peckish so some sweet treats and snacks are a good way to keep the mood up! Here we have listed a few edible ideas that your wedding guests will love:

Mini Beverages

Get the party started with some mini bottles of alcohol!

You can bulk buy the miniature bottles online and fill them with your favourite liqueur as the perfect wedding favour. Personalise each bottle for your guests to take home, or even have a refill station so your guests can go all night long!

Personalised Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Chocolate wedding favours are fun and delicious for anyone with a sweet tooth as well as having the benefit of being very easy to personalise!

Chocolate is not expensive and can be the perfect budget friendly wedding favour for everyone to enjoy.

Get creative by decorating the chocolate with names of your guests or your wedding date, or even make chocolate gift bags for friends and family to take home!

Homemade Jam

If you are a fan of cooking, then making edible wedding favours will be a breeze. A great way to get your cooking involved is by making your own jam!

Experiment with flavours and textures to create a beautifully unique cheap wedding favour that will go down a treat. Jam is very easy to make and if you bulk buy the ingredients it won’t make you go over budget!

You can even use personalised tags and mason jars for your guests to make it extra special.

Sweet Bags

Let’s be honest, everyone loves a sugar rush! Having sweet bags are another cheap way of making sure your guests know that you are extremely thankful that they could attend your special day.

It is best if you bulk buy the sweets and candies to make a pick and mix selection for each guest to enjoy your favourite sweet treats.

By using small gift bags, you can fill these with your favourite sweets and candies and place them on the wedding tables for everyone to grab and enjoy.

Tea Leaves

Everyone loves a good cup of tea whether that be a strong breakfast tea or a rich herbal infusion!

Either way, tea definitely makes life a little easier, so what better way to incorporate this simple luxury than in your own wedding favours!

Find some empty bags or little containers and create your own inspired tea infusion that your guests can enjoy either at the reception or to cure their sore heads the morning after!

Cocktail Kits

If you want to spice up the wedding reception, then cocktail kits are an enjoyable way for your wedding guests to get stuck in with the celebrations!

Decorate the wedding tables with glasses and unique ingredients for your guests to create their ideal cocktail without having to go over budget!

This can also be a good ice breaker if you want friends and family to mingle, as well as being a budget friendly wedding favour that everyone will enjoy!

Popcorn Bags

It is very rare to find someone who doesn’t like popcorn, so we definitely recommend making it one of your wedding favour ideas!

You can create different flavours and make personalised gift bags to place the popcorn and give your wedding guests something to munch on during the speeches (or if they are waiting for the bride)!

Popcorn is very easy and cheap to make and will certainly look the part in any rustic wedding setting!

Practical Wedding Favours

If cooking is not really your forté or you want your guests to take home an item of sentimental value, then a more practical wedding favour might be the best route for you.

Even if you are not creative, you can easily watch a tutorial or see where your mind takes you when creating your own practical cheap wedding favour ideas!

These can range from coasters to keychains with the added benefit of being very easy to personalise with a bit of creativity!


Keychains are a lovely keepsake for your guests to remember your wedding day and are a fabulous accessory.

Try and research smaller companies that can supply personalised keychains to save a few pennies, or you can buy simple templates and create your own!

What is more, keychains can also be seen as an everlasting token of your gratitude through your creativity as well as being an ideal budget friendly wedding favour.

Luggage Tags

Another inventive and practical wedding favour are luggage tags!

These can be a small but personal keepsake for anyone who attends your destination wedding and they are very easy to bulk buy.

Simply find some stylish templates and personalise the luggage tags with the guests names or sentimental keywords that are relevant with you and your partner.


These wedding favours are a brilliant people pleaser and are extremely easy to make!

Simply grab some strong card and make unique shapes and sizes for each guest to take home. This lovely idea will fit in with traditional weddings and any colour scheme to make the perfect wedding favour for all your friends and family!

This wedding favour can also be personalised to your hearts content and will certainly be appreciated by everyone who has come to your wedding!

Homemade Confetti

If you want to find a fun and creative way to make cheap wedding favours, then making your own confetti is definitely a great way to start!

Making your own confetti is very simple and a great way to get your guests involved with the celebrations.

Simply find some dry flowers, leaves, paper, or even fabrics to hole punch little confettis that your guests can throw over the happy couple!

Colouring Books

If you are planning on having children at the wedding, then it might be a good idea to think of a few ways to keep them entertained when the more serious moments are happening!

We all know that kids cannot sit still, so you need to think of a way to keep them occupied to at least get through the speeches.

Colouring books are a nifty way to keep their fidgeting under control and are a way for you to also get creative!

Print out some fun designs or pictures that they can take home and remember your day, or even have a special table only for children where they can doodle away without the worry of any mess on the adults table!

You can even create an adult colouring book as a wedding favour to include all your guests!


Any type of stationary comes in handy, so why not create your own personalised stash of pens and pencils for your guests to take home!

Every pen or pencil can be engraved with the name of each guest where they can sign the guest book and remember your day after it is over.

This cheap wedding favour idea can be enjoyed by both adults and children and will be a lovely reminder of the time they spent with you!

Lip Balm

This might be a wedding favour that requires a bit more patience, however it will be worth it in the long run!

The main ingredient that is found in lip balms is beeswax which you can melt and make your own fragrance for your guests! You can bulk buy containers to transfer the wax and even get creative and personalise each container for your guests to take home.

Practical Wedding Favours

If cooking is not really your forté or you want your guests to take home an item of sentimental value, then a more practical wedding favour might be the best route for you.

Even if you are not creative, you can easily watch a tutorial or see where your mind takes you when creating your own practical cheap wedding favour ideas!

These can range from coasters to keychains with the added benefit of being very easy to personalise with a bit of creativity!

Practical Wedding Favours

If cooking is not really your forté or you want your guests to take home an item of sentimental value, then a more practical wedding favour might be the best route for you.

Even if you are not creative, you can easily watch a tutorial or see where your mind takes you when creating your own practical cheap wedding favour ideas!

These can range from coasters to keychains with the added benefit of being very easy to personalise with a bit of creativity!

Eco-friendly Wedding Favours

In this day and age, we are always being conscious of the environment and we all try to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Even if you are on a tight budget, making eco-friendly wedding favours for your guests is a great way to make sure that you are incorporating the environment in your special day.

Fundamentally, this also opens the door to a lot of cheap wedding favour ideas as many eco-friendly wedding favours are sustainably sourced from recycled goods or can purposely contribute to the environment.

Below we have selected a few examples to make sure your fabulous favours are adored by all your wedding guests.

Seed Packets

Seed packets are a great way to give your guests something to grow in their own home!

This can range from herb or wildflower seed packets where you can mix and match to give your guests a surprise when the seeds begin to grow.

Use reusable cardboard packets to place your favourite seeds for each guest to plant that best relates to you and your partner.

Seeds are great cheap wedding favour ideas as well as keeping your wedding eco-friendly!

Reusable Tote Bags

Everyone loves a goody bag, so having a reusable tote bag as a wedding favour will certainly go down a treat with your wedding guests!

You can bulk buy the bags and even get creative with personalising each one to each guest using marker pens and stickers.

This budget friendly wedding favour can be a clever way to fill parts of the wedding day such as slices of wedding cake, shot glasses, or colouring books for the younger guests!

Mini Succulents

A great eco-friendly budget friendly wedding favour are a living succulent that your guests will certainly love!

This is an easy and simple way to incorporate living plants into your special day, and they will look the part!

To keep this wedding favour idea on budget, try using old cuttings of plants you already have in your own garden and use these new plants to give as your wedding favours!

Metal Straws

We all want to do our bit to save the planet, so why not get your guests started on their sustainable journey on your wedding day!

Metal straws are a fun way to get rid of the classic paper straw and you can even engrave them to create a personal touch to each guest for them to use at the wedding!

Handmade Soap

Natural handmade soaps are a brilliant budget friendly wedding favour to leave everyones skin feeling rich and nourished!

Have a look at some tutorials to see what ingredients you will need, and get creative to make your own unique scents that you can give as small gifts.

You can even make sure the colours and scents keep to your rustic theme!

Reusable Food Wraps

Providing reusable food wraps are a great way for your guests to take home some of your delicious wedding cake or sweet treats on offer without the worry of littering!

You can find beeswax food wraps are the best alternative to plastic wraps as they are washable and biodegradable to keep food fresher for longer.

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are becoming a very popular choice for wedding favours as they are a great way to incorporate wildlife and the environment into your big day!

You can find ways to create your own seed bombs where your guests can grow them in their own garden to attract bees and butterflies.

Who knows what wildlife your nifty budget friendly wedding favour could bring!


These are a great unique wedding favour for your guests to use after the wedding. These are also very easy to make and there is no need to spend a lot of money making them!

Use recycled cardboard to cut out rectangle shapes and personalise each bookmark with the date of your wedding and even the guests’ names!

Experience-based Wedding Favours

Your wedding favour ideas might be going in a more experience-based direction if you want everyone on your big day to join in and experience the magic of your union!

Making experienced-based wedding favours are the perfect way to do something unusual and unique.

From donations to charity to the perfect music medley playlist, your wedding favours will certainly be one to remember for years to come!

Donation to Charity

You might have a charity that is close to you and your partners heart, and what better way to raise some money than on your wedding day!

Create a donations box to your chosen charity and let your guests know the importance of their contribution so that they are aware how their donation will make a difference.

Music Playlist

This is a great way to get the party started even after the big day is over!

Make a mash-up of your favourite tunes that are close to you and your partner, as well as some sentimental songs that you know everyone will love!

You can even create a playlist to tell your love story through the art of music to give your guests a unique wedding favour!

Scratch Cards

Another way to get your guests involved is by making your own unique scratch card wedding favours!

You can use these for your guests to win prizes, for example a free drink, sweet treat, or a small gift to ensure you have the ideal budget friendly wedding favour.

Temporary Tattoos

Providing temporary tattoos is another great way to get everyone involved and can be the ideal budget friendly wedding favour!

Print pictures of your faces and the wedding date for everyone to get stuck in and break the ice.

Festival Wristbands

If you are having a festival themed reception after the ceremony, then a great budget friendly wedding favour idea is to make your own unique festival wristbands for your friends and family!

You can personalise these to each guest as a point of entry to your wedding reception and will make the perfect keepsake to make your guests feel part of your special day!


Thinking of cheap wedding favour ideas can be a challenge but it is also an opportunity to have some fun with your creativity!

In this article, we have explored all the different ways you can make your wedding favour ideas come to life even if you are on a tight budget from edible treats to unforgettable experiences.

Cheap wedding favour ideas are one of the best ways to create personalised wedding favours that your guests will love and will show how grateful you are for them coming to celebrate your real wedding day!

So if you are working on a budget and you need a helping hand, we hope that this article has given you some inspiration for you to get started and to create your ideal wedding favour for your special day!


How can I save money on wedding favours?

Look into bulk buying and even trade websites to see if you can find a great deal for your wedding favour ideas.

This can range from sweets, soaps, seeds, and bags which will all help you save the pennies when you are looking to create your wedding favours on a budget.

What is a normal amount to spend on wedding favours?

There is no right or wrong amount to spend on your wedding favours! However on average, couples usually spend around £1-3 per guest on wedding favours.

With our cheap wedding favour ideas, you will certainly be able to get more for your money whilst minimising your spending.

When do you give out a wedding favour?

The best time to hand out your wedding favours is usually after the ceremony at the exit when the guests are making their way to the reception.

At this point, you can thank all of your wedding guests for coming to your special day especially to those who cannot stay for the reception.

On the other hand, you can have the wedding favours on the tables for each place setting if you have personalised items, or if you want to have an ice breaker for your guests to start mingling.

What are the most popular wedding favour ideas?

There are so many wedding favour ideas out there and you might be finding it difficult to pin down just one for your special day! However, there are a few wedding favour ideas that many newlywed couples choose to thank their guests. These include:

  • Candles
  • Coasters
  • Chocolate
  • Personalised bottles
  • Soap
  • Jams
  • Cocktail kits

Where do you put wedding favours?

You can put your wedding favours anywhere you like, however, you want them to be somewhere obvious to make sure every guest receives one.

Having them at the exit points after the ceremony ends is a great way for every guest to have a token of your thanks. You can also have the favours on the tables, or in the form of a free drink. Whatever you decide, your guests will certainly be impressed and grateful for your efforts.

Who receives the wedding favour?

Usually it is all the guests you have invited, the children, and the entertainment you have booked. You may have to think about child friendly wedding favour ideas if you do have families attending.

Overall, it is your day and you can decide who will get the wedding favours!

When do you order your wedding favours?

This is entirely up to you and how everything is being scheduled. Usually if you are ordering your wedding favours it is best to get them organised quickly so you can tick it off your list.

Bulk buying wedding favours are a great way to make sure you have enough for each guest. If you are crafting your own wedding favours, you may want to allow a bit of time to get them ready so try to get these done at least a month before the big day!

Why are wedding favours important?

Wedding favours are a very important part of thanking your guests for coming to celebrate your day with you and your partner. These may only cost you around £1-3 per guest, however its sentimental value cannot be bought!

Whatever your wedding favour ideas are, they will be a great keepsake that your wedding guests will love and cherish for years.

What do sugared almonds signify at a wedding?

Almonds have a big part in wedding traditions due to their significant meaning. Their sweet and bitter taste symbolises the trials and tribulations of life, whilst the sugared almonds at weddings show how the newlywed couple will enjoy a life with more sweetness due to their newfound union.

You can incorporate almonds into your wedding day by giving them out as wedding favours or as decorative pieces on your wedding tables.

How many wedding favours should you buy?

No matter how thankful you are for each guest making it to your wedding, it is best to keep your wedding favours to one per guest. However, if you are thinking about giving edible wedding favours, then obviously it is best to give guests a selection of candies and sweet treats to make it fair.