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Christmas weddings held amongst the frosty and chilly winter months lend themselves to floral colour schemes which ooze ice kissed sophistication or a classic Dickensian festive warmth. But, the christmas season is sometimes considered not the most enriching when it comes to creating your floral bouquet schemes.

Especially when compared to the bright kaleidoscope of seasonal blooms the warmer months offer, christmas bouquets initially may seem a little daunting. However, here is an array of ideas that will inspire you to create a winter bouquet scheme just as stunning and vivacious for your christmas wedding day.

If you are opting for a fresh scheme of greens, blues, and white then consider using eucalyptus leaves, blousy white roses, blue hued thistle heads, glossy laurel leaves and delicate anemones amongst your bouquet to create the magical look of a winter wonderland. Evergreen foliage is an excellent filler and inexpensive way to add shape. Especially when ivy is used, as it can create a dramatic trailing effect.

For the more classic of christmas colour schemes such as rich reds, deep greens and antique golds there are equally as many beautiful foliage and floral choices. Again, bright evergreen foliages will be an integral part of your christmas wedding bouquet but think how you can also add festive luxury with red roses, bright christmas berries and faux gold accents. Even add a touch of fir amongst the bouquet for quintessential festivity.

There isn’t even a necessity to opt for flowers in your christmas bouquet. Bejewelled bouquets created from glittering pieces of jewellery, beads and faux flowers make for a truly stunning statement bouquet which can be kept as a precious keepsake for years to come. Although they can be weighty and not suitable for the bouquet throw – So perhaps have a little floral bouquet on standby for when that moment comes! 

To complete your christmas bouquet, wrap the stems in velvet ribbons and adorn with a festive embellishment. Or leave the stem of your christmas bouquet exposed and secure with just a simple but oversized bow.

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