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Weddings, in general, involve a lot of planning and a summer wedding is no exception. Having a summer wedding can be remembered for many things, including the beautiful weather and the natural light you get for your photos. Your guests can be thrilled by the reception decor, food, music, and the like, but what is going to wow their minds (and their taste buds) is adding a cool cocktail list to your summer wedding party.

So let’s say you have finally decided on having that summer wedding where your guests are going to be a little bit sweaty, no doubt about that. How then do you get everyone excited? Just add a cocktail list to the menu. There are a few ideas below which will be perfect for your summer cocktail wedding menu. You can add a little personal touch to the cocktail by letting it match with your wedding colours.

Coconut Margarita

This cocktail is best known to be served at your beach wedding reception, but even if your reception is not happening at the beach, you can still go for it. This delicious cocktail is made of these ingredients: coconut milk, water, tequila, fresh lime, and triple sec. Add all the ingredients into a shaker except the lime, and shake the mixture until fully combined. Now add your fresh lime wedge to garnish it to bring out its creamy hue.

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This great drink is made of limoncello, prosecco, and raspberries. This cocktail is ideal for when the temperature is rising. Start by pouring the limoncello into a glass and slowly pouring prosecco on top. Add some frozen raspberries and some fresh sprigs of mint, and you are good to go.

The Wildberry Smash

Berry season normally starts in the summer, so why don’t you take advantage and make a cocktail out of your favourite berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. To create this delicious, colourful cocktail, make a mixture of all your berries into a mixing glass. Add lemon and simple syrup to your combination of berries. Then add your belvedere wild berry, strain the contents and garnish it with any of the berries you like.

Italian Sling

This cocktail dates back to the 1930s, and it contains lemon juice, club soda, dry gin and juicy cherry. Prepare by adding all the ingredients in a highball jar and mix with a single ice cube. To add a twist to this drink, add simple syrup, vermouth, and bitters. You will be thrilled by the taste.

Pink Fizz

Brides (and ladies in general) love pink, so having a pink fizz cocktail on your summer wedding menu is just sheer bliss. This simple drink is made of vodka, simple syrup, crushed ice, champagne, and mint leaves. In a shaker, add mint leaves, simple syrup, and vodka, not forgetting the crushed ice. After shaking, pour the mixture into a glass and add some mint leaves to garnish.

Having a cocktail list at your summer wedding cannot be overemphasized. When you finally have all your thoughts of your dream wedding coming to reality, let this blog post be a guide in choosing that signature cocktail that will wow your guests and set the right mood for your summer wedding.