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There’s nothing more beautiful than a barn wedding on a sunny day. With the sun setting over the green fields, your guests dancing and drinking under the twinkly lights, it’s picture-perfect. Barn weddings are seemingly effortless, but there’s far more to it than meets the eye. Although the rustic, folksy style might seem like it was thrown together into a perfect mix of modern and old fashioned, there is actually a lot of planning and work that goes into a barn wedding! If you’re hoping to live out your barn wedding dreams soon, here are some helpful tips to get you started. 

Getting Inspired

Since barn weddings came into fashion, it’s easy to get gorgeous, inspiring pictures which you can emulate for your wedding decor. Making online mood boards and using Instagram to find your dreamy wedding inspiration can let you put all your ideas into one place. Gone are the days of laboriously cutting out magazine pages and sticking them into a scrapbook. Now, all you need is your phone. Getting inspired has never been easier.

Barn weddings don’t all look the same. You could be wanting a more brown/tan colour palette, or be leaning towards the green/white variety of rural weddings. Plus, every venue is different, and your ability to live out your dreams will depend on the flexibility of the space. You can find online inspiration for the specific type of venue you are hiring, and how previous couples have utilised it!

Simplicity Is Key

It’s easy to over-do it. Especially when you’re planning your wedding, a day which you hope to be no less than perfect, sometimes couples can become over-zealous with the decorations. However, barns which are over-filled with excessive decorations can lose their rustic feel, which is exactly the reason most people want a barn wedding! Keeping tasteful, simple shapes and styles in your decor helps to avoid over-primping the barn venue. With old, empty, rustic buildings, the temptation is to fill them to the brim with wedding “stuff”. Resist the temptation, and you’ll find yourself with a more tasteful, more “you” wedding venue. 

The Devil Is In The Details

One way to make your barn wedding beautiful and memorable is by adding small, personal touches to your decor. The most stunning effects of a well-decorated wedding aren’t always in the big picture. 

One detail which you can personalise is the place settings. Your guests will each see their place setting throughout the evening, and to make them feel even more welcome, personalising these will make a lovely touch. For example, writing the place settings in your own handwriting gives a homely feel to the venue. Likewise, having hand-picked wildflowers – rather than huge bouquets which look grand but aren’t very personal – help create an intimate setting.

Creating small, memorable little details can make your guests feel more at home in the venue; plus, they make amazing photo opportunities. These small things can be taken home by your guests and saved as a memory of your special day.

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