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Ideas for wedding favours


Wedding favour ideas can be hard to decide at times and one of the more challenging aspects of your wedding planning. From keeping your wedding favours in line with the wedding theme, the main goal is to find a unique and niche way to thank all your wedding guests!

Today, wedding favours can be as unique as you like with the choices being endless to fit in with your winter wedding, summer wedding, italian wedding or wherever your destination wedding will be! From edible to eco-friendly wedding favours, these will surely make a lovely keepsake for your guests to cherish in years to come.

Primarily, wedding favours are a traditional way to thank your wedding guests for coming and celebrating the union of you and your partner.

Some couples like to take a spin on the tradition by thinking of a fun wedding favour idea that their wedding guests will love.

So, here we will take you through all you need to know about finding the perfect wedding favours that will certainly fit in with your wedding aesthetic!

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalised wedding favours are a nice touch on the wedding tradition and will certainly make your guests appreciate your efforts to make them unique and individual!

Personalising your wedding favours allows you to let guests take home a memento with the wedding date and the names of the newlyweds engraved on the wedding favours.

What is more, personalised wedding favours are a lovely keepsake for your guests and they will certainly look back and reminisce on their time spent celebrating you and your partner.

You can even go the extra mile and personalise your wedding favours with the names of each guest!

Below we have listed our pick of the ideal personalised wedding favour ideas that your guests will love:

Customized Candles

These are a great way for your guests to have a lovely keepsake after your wedding day! You can customise the candles with a personalised message and the wedding date for your friends and family to enjoy after the ceremony.

You can even get creative and make them yourself! Simply get some scented wax, wicks, and containers to create the the perfect wedding favour.

You can even use labels or stickers to make them unique and they will certainly be loved by everyone!

Engraved Glassware

From shot glasses to wedding breakfast mugs, you can make your guests smile by giving them their own engraved glassware! You can even have fun with creating different glassware for certain drinks such as engraved gin and shot glasses for adults, and smaller cups for children so that everyone is included.

These can turn into fun wedding favours for the wedding tables, wedding weekend, or bridal party for your nearest and dearest to remember your special day.

Personalized Coasters

Personalised coasters will make brilliant wedding favours and are a great people pleaser! What is more, you can even get creative as they are extremely easy to make!

This personalised wedding favour will fit in with any wedding theme whether that be a winter wedding, summer wedding, or a charity wedding; they will certainly make the perfect wedding favour for all your friends and family!

Personalised Wine Stoppers

Wine stoppers are a great unique spin on the traditional wedding favour and are the perfect gift for your guests to take a piece of your wedding day! You can be involved with the design and have them stamped with the wedding date and names of the newlyweds. Place them on each wedding table for everyone to enjoy!

Personalised Keychains

Keychains are a fun way to show your gratitude and appreciation for the presence of your wedding guests. This practical gift can also showcase your creativity as well as being an ideal budget friendly wedding favour.

Personalised Stationary

Who doesn’t love having stationary?! Personalised stationary are great wedding favour ideas that will be loved by everyone and will serve as a reminder of your wedding day! Even if you have pushed the boat out to have a destination wedding, you can engrave the date, location, and names of the newlyweds for everyone to have a memento at the end of the night.

Bottle Openers

These are another unique alternative to traditional wedding favours and are also extremely handy! You can personalise or engrave each bottle opener with your chosen design and this will certainly go down a storm with your friends and family.

Personalised Place Settings

You can kill two birds with one stone and make your wedding favours part of your table settings! Personalised tags or wooden place cards are great wedding favour ideas that will be on theme and a cute idea to display your guests names.

Temporary Tattoos

This innovative and unique wedding favour idea is a great ice breaker for your friends and family and is also budget friendly! You can even use different designs of your faces or key features of the wedding day so that your guests can get stuck in with the festivities.

Edible Wedding Favors

Let’s be honest; everyone loves having a sweet treat to snack on during a long day of celebrations! Edible wedding favours are the perfect way to keep your guests upbeat and full of high spirits during the longer periods of the day. Here are our top favourite edbile wedding favour ideas that will be loved by your friends and family:

Gourmet Popcorn

If you want to incorporate fun wedding favours, then we definitely recommend making gourmet popcorn one of your wedding favour ideas!

You can even create different flavours and make personalised DIY gift bags to give to your wedding guests during the speeches. Popcorn is very easy and cheap to make and will certainly make a classic gift!

Sweet Bags

Give your guests a selection of your favourite sweets in small bottles or gift bags! Having sweet bags also shows your gratitude to your guests and how you are extremely thankful that they could attend your special day (as well as being a great snack at the end of the night)!

Personalised Chocolates

Personalised chocolate wedding favours are delicious for anyone with a sweet tooth as well as having the benefit of being very easy to personalise! Chocolate is not expensive so you can bulk buy these to make the perfect sweet treat.

Mini Bottles

If you want to get the party started early, you can place mini bottles of alcohol on the wedding tables for everyone to share! These can also be personalised with tags or the guests initials on mini bottle wines, beers, or cocktail kits and will be a great table setting idea!

Sugared almonds

With the traditional sentimental value surrounding almonds at weddings, why not incorporate it into your wedding favours?!

Their sweet and bitter taste symbolises the constant up and down challenges of life, with sugared almonds demonstrating how the newlywed couple will enjoy a life with more sweetness due to their new found union.

Cake Pops

Another delicious sweet treat that your guests will love are cake pops! These are a great money saver as you can make these at home if you are on a tight budget. Try different flavours and even give them a personal touch with a special message!

Honey Jars

Everyone loves a bit of sweetness in their life, so what better way to thank your guests by giving them their own honey jars! This wedding favour is a sweet way to let your guests take home a keepsake memento that they can reuse for years to come.

Cookie Mix Jars

Use reusable mason jars to give your guests their own cookie mix to take home after the festivities! This is a great way to make a unique and practical gift that will be a great idea for families and friends.

Homemade Jam

Homemade jam is a great way to experiment with different flavours to create a unique wedding favour that will give you bonus points with your guests! Jam is very easy to make and will be the perfect place setting!

Spice Mixes

Give your guests a mixture of your favourite blend of spices that represent your love story! Whether your relationship is more lemon and herb or extra hot, give your guests a unique wedding favour to use in their own cooking!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Eco-friendly wedding favours are a unique way to make sure that you are incorporating the environment in your special day. This is a great way to show your appreciation to your wedding guests and the environment all in one!

What is more, a lot of eco-friendly wedding favours can be sustainably sourced from recycled goods so that they can contribute to the environment as well as making your guests feel that they are making a difference! Here we have listed a few eco-friendly ideas that will certainly get the party started!

Seed Packets

By using reusable cardboard packets or bags, you can place your favourite herb or wildflower seed mixtures for each guest where they can plant and grow your chosen herbs or flowers. Seed packets are also a way to show appreciation to your guests by giving them something to grow in their own home!

Reusable Tote Bags

This wedding favour idea is a great way to give your guests something unique and reusable. You can make them more personal by filling it with parts of the wedding day such as slices of wedding cake, confetti, or sweet treats for the younger guests! You can even save money if you are on a budget by bulk buying the bags and drawing your own unique designs that your guests will love.

Bamboo Utensils

Another way to stay conscious about the environment with your wedding favours is by giving your guests their own bamboo utensils! They are sustainable, eco-friendly, and durable so that your friends and family can reuse them for years to come.

Mini Succulents

Use old cuttings to grow your own mini succulents that your friends and family can take home! Use personalised tags and terracotta pots to show your appreciation to your guests (and the environment)!

Reusable Food Wraps

A great alternative to plastic wrappers, reusable food wraps are washable and biodegradable to keep food fresh! Made out of beeswax, you can use these as wedding favours or to give out slices of wedding cake to your guests without the worry of any littering.

Metal Straws

Give your guests a sustainable token with their very own metal straw. You can have these personalised with the wedding date or the names of the newlyweds to create a nifty reusable straw that your guests can enjoy during and after the wedding!

DIY Wedding Favors

Handmade Soaps

Get creative and make you own unique handmade soaps that will leave everyones skin feeling soft to the touch! These will make great gifts for all your friends and family to enjoy, as well as being extremely easy to make in your own home if you are on a budget.

Infused Olive Oils

By using reusable mini bottles, you can infuse your own olive oil to give as a great small gift! Chilli, garlic, and herbs make the perfect infusions to give any dish an incredible flavour.

Scented Sachets

Perfect for drawers or wardrobe, homemade scented sachets are a nifty wedding favour that will be adored by all your friends and family. You can use different herbs and recyclable papers to create the ideal fragrance that will remind your guests of your wedding day!


Making your own magnets is another easy DIY idea that you can enjoy crafting in the comfort of your own home! Simply find old wooden letters or scrabble pieces from the charity shop and place magnets to their backs. You can use these on the table settings or make personalised messages around the venue to show your gratitude!


By using recycled cardboard, you can fashion up your own wedding bookmarks for your guests to reuse and remember your wedding day! You can choose the design and and personalise each bookmark to make it special to every guest.

Luggage Tags

A great way to take a spin on the traditional wedding favour is by giving your guests their own luggage tags! These are a nifty idea for any destination wedding and will certainly be the perfect keepsake for your guests to remember their time abroad.

Lip Balm

By using beeswax, you can create the ideal lip balm concoction to give your guests a small gift of appreciation! You can buy small containers to place the beeswax in and even personalise the lip balm containers to make them unique.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Make your guests feel a hint of luxury with their own makeshift bath bomb! These are easy to make and you can even keep them in line with the colour scheme of your wedding attire.


Finding your perfect wedding favours is a task that does require a bit of thinking and brainstorming to make sure you can thank your guests in the best way possible.

From edible treats to DIY bath bombs, you will certainly find the perfect wedding favour idea that will fit in with your wedding theme and aesthetic! If you are watching the pennies or thinking about splashing out, wedding favours are fundamentally an important part of any wedding to show your appreciation to your guests.

So, why not get creative and take a spin on a well-know wedding tradition! We hope that this article has helped you gauge a better idea and understanding of how to incorporate wedding favours into your special day, and we are certain that your guests will love them!


Are wedding favors a good idea?

Absolutely! Wedding favours are a great way to show your appreciation and thanks to your wedding guests who have come to celebrate your wedding day! If you do not want to spend a lot of money on wedding favours, then there are many cheap ways to create your own without breaking the bank.

Is it okay to not have wedding favours?

Wedding favours are not mandatory, however they are a great way to show your appreciation to your guests. You may not have time to say thank you to everyone, so wedding favours are a way of making sure everyone is aware of your gratitude.

How do you display wedding favours at a wedding?

You can display your wedding favours however you like whether that be on the wedding tables or at the ceremony. It is best to have the favours at the exit after the ceremony is over, or with the place setting for a more personal touch.

How much should I spend on wedding favours?

There is no set amount that you should spend on wedding favours, however it is common that you should spend no more than around £3 per guest. Of course, if you want to spend a bit more, then that is entirely up to you, but there are many ways to stay under budget with some DIY hacks!

What do I give as winter wedding favours?

If you are having a seasonal wedding, then you might want to think about how your wedding favours can stay on theme with the weather! If you are having a winter wedding, then think about giving your guests hot chocolate bombs, tea mugs, or even a hat and scarf set!

Who gets the wedding favour at a wedding?

Typically, it is the wedding guests, entertainers and children who receive the wedding favours, however it is your special day so you can choose who you want to give them to!

How many wedding favours should you buy?

There is no set number on how many wedding favours each guest should receive, however it is best to keep it at one per person to save any frustration. You can always have multiple edible treats if there are some to spare, however if you are making more personal items them one should be enough!

Why are wedding favours important?

Wedding favours are very important to show your appreciation to friends and family who have made it to your wedding day. They act as a sentimental value not only to show thanks, but for your guests to remember their time spent celebrating with you and your union!

Whatever you choose as your wedding favour, you are guaranteed that your guests will feel grateful that you have thought of them!

When do you order your wedding favours?

This really depends on how much time you think you will need to make the wedding favours. If you are planning to make your own wedding favours by using DIY methods, then you might want to consider allowing yourself a bit more time so you are not rushing them!

This also applies if you are bulk buying pre-personalised wedding favours as this will give businesses more time to make them before the deadline! In short, try not to leave them too late as you will want to make a lovely keepsake for your guests to cherish!

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