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If you’re planning a barn wedding this year, then you might find a few typical tasks challenging, particularly when dressing the venue. Lighting is a very important part of dressing the venue and especially so when barn venues will often be limited in permanent lighting fixtures. With that being said, here are some lighting ideas for your barn wedding.


Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can do a lot for a space and they’re often very versatile in their functionality. They’re usually great for hanging from banisters and framing the space in general. Therefore they’re perfect for barns that might not have as much structure and definition to them as other typical venues.

There are plenty of variations in fairy lights now and so you’re sure to find something that suits the theme and style for your wedding day. You can find fairy lights pretty much anywhere on the internet because they’re a very common lighting that’s used in all different ways from decorating a bedroom to lighting up a garden.



Lanterns are a beautiful sight and are not only good for lighting but they also make great decor pieces too. It can provide a very beautiful and intimate setting, especially as some lanterns can be filled with tealights. There are also lots of different styles of lanterns from modern glass versions to morrocan-style pieces.

You may also wish to use lanterns to direct your guests from one place to another and these can also be helpful to have when you’ve got outdoor seats and spaces around the barn that you need to subtly light up.


Light Up Letters

For more of a decoration, light up letters have become increasingly popular over the years and can be a great reminder for any – slightly tipsy – wedding guests to remember the newly married couple’s surname! It’s a quirky and modern feature to have at your wedding, so it’s certainly something you should have if it’s your style. Some have the surname whilst others just have Mr & Mrs, etc.

There are also lots of styles and size variations to pick from, so it’s worth looking into what’s available.


Floor Stage Lights

Barns are usually quite industrial in their appearance and so there’s a lot of space to cover from the ground up. With that being said, some fairy lights and lanterns might not do everything you need it to do. Floor stage lights can be really helpful in placing on the ground and facing towards the walls of the barn in order to give it some depth. This can look quite impressive and give off a visual effect that will leave your guests appreciating the space they’re in.


When you hear of a barn venue, your immediate thought goes to a cold and dingy space but there are a lot of beautiful barns across the country that are great for weddings. All they need is that extra touch here and there, so use these tips to spruce up the space in preparing for your big day!

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