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Spring is a season characterised by livelier weather. It is a season of renewal and is characterised by many weddings. When you think of spring, you probably envisage numerous flowers-hyacinths, weigela, the glory of the snow, primrose, and so much more as your spring wedding decor.

This is the perfect season to have tonnes of flowers at your wedding, and we have many other ideas just for you.

Use Bold and Bright Colours

Bold and bright colours look fantastic as spring wedding decor. Sunny colours create a jubilant environment for you and your guests. Some colours you can consider are; light pink, turquoise, cerulean blue, spring lavender, neutral blue, magenta, mustard, fuchsia, and yellow.

Incorporate Seasonal Flowers

To save on money and be eco-friendly, use in-season flowers. Their scent and appearance are also top-notch. Some flowers that bloom during spring are; snapdragons, cherry blossoms, daisies, carnations, bluebells, pansy, columbine, muscari, zinnias, lilacs, and primrose.

Choose a Theme Fragrance

Select a fragrance and use it at remarkable points in the venue and some foods. You can use your perfume’s fragrance or a unique fragrance for yourself and then select another for the venue and snacks. Some of the points you can incorporate the fragrance flavours are desserts, bouquets, and cake.

Decorate Seats With Natural Flowers and Leaves

Bistro chairs give a warm welcome to a garden wedding setting. You can select a flower that is readily available within the environs so that you can get the green and flowery part of the plant fresh and attractive.

Hang a Floral Chandelier

Blend a chandelier with the scenery by adding theme-coloured flowers to it. Decorating chandeliers with flowers add glamour to your decor. You can suspend floral chandeliers above the reception tables or over the aisle. Add cascading florals to create cohesion between your centrepieces and the chandelier to make your decor even more stunning.

Decorate the Performance Surface

You can decorate your performance surface by writing your names on them, drawing patterns, writing catchy phrases, or drawing stars. Find something you love and have it temporarily printed on the floor.

Create Opulent Centrepieces

Make your tables attractive by creating a layer of textures and colours. Put gold, silver, blush, or mercury glass items on the tables to enhance the spring wedding decor theme. Brass candelabras, wine bottles, lush spring greens, and candles, too, create a spectacular look.

Decorate Your Cake With a Seasonal Touch

You can have a cake with herbs, berries, fruits coupled with florals, edible flowers, or romantic blooms. A cake that is beautifully decorated, fresh, pretty, and according to the season makes a lasting impression on the attendees. Be sure that your cake is beautiful inside and outside.


Make your spring wedding decor elegant and fantastic with the ideas mentioned above. Ensure everything about your wedding, from the dressing to the ceremony and reception, screams spectacular decoration

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