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Picking your wedding colour might not be as crucial as picking your dress, but it still plays an integral role in bringing all your decorations into one cohesive theme. Even though we are in a world crisis, weddings are still ongoing, and you might have decided to push your date to 2021. The wedding colour trends in 2021 are daring and strong. You might want to follow tradition by picking a colour according to the season, but some wedding colours work best for all seasons, and they are going to trend in 2021. 

Blue, grey, green, emerald, gold, pink, orange, and white. These colours are going to make waves in 2021 weddings. Check the combinations below as you decide on which wedding colours to pick for your favourite day, remember you can always tweak to your taste.

Ice Blue and Gold

This colour scheme is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings in spring. Having your decorations in gold and blue with the bridesmaids dress in blue is going to be a spectacular wedding to behold.

Emerald and Gold

Are you a fun of a vintage fall wedding, then choosing this colour scheme is so ideal for you. Emerald is a versatile colour that matches well with any other colour. Adding gold to it will make your wedding have a fresh, glamorous, and elegant look.

Blue, Green, and White

Are you a lover of nature? Then this colour scheme works best for you. This also works great for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Pink, Orange, and White

Pink is that perfect colour in almost every bride’s heart. It will interest you to know that blending various shades of pink, orange, and white in your wedding decorations is a sure way to leave that beautiful picture in your guest’s minds.

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