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Need help finding the perfect groomsman gift ideas? Look no further. Whether you want something personalised, practical, luxurious, fun, or budget-friendly, we have curated a list of the top 25 groomsmen gift ideas that your wedding party will love. Let’s dive in and find the ideal gift for your groomsmen.

Key Takeaways

  • Personalised gifts like engraved leather belts, custom beer glasses, and monogrammed wallets offer practical and memorable tokens of appreciation for groomsmen.
  • Practical gifts such as dopp kits, portable espresso machines, and AirTag trackers help keep groomsmen organised and prepared throughout the wedding weekend.
  • Luxurious gifts like Ray-Ban sunglasses, Faber-Castell pen sets, and silk pocket squares add sophistication and elegance, making them cherished keepsakes for groomsmen.

Personalised Gifts for Groomsmen

Personalised gifts can make your groomsmen feel special and appreciated. These gifts serve as a token of gratitude and a lasting reminder of your special day. Reflecting each groomsman’s unique personality and interests through personalised items adds meaning to the gifts.

Engraved leather belts, custom beer glasses, and monogrammed wallets are personalised gifts that your groomsmen will cherish. Adding a special touch to the wedding day, these items combine practicality with personal flair for the groomsmen and the bridal party. Whether it’s a custom beer glass that adds fun to the celebration or a monogrammed wallet that serves as a daily reminder of the wedding, personalised gifts are always a hit.

Engraved Leather Belts

Engraved leather belt and monogrammed wallet

Engraved leather belts are a stylish and practical gift choice for groomsmen. These belts blend durability and elegance, making them a favoured option among groomsmen gifts.

Over time, the personalised leather belt develops a unique character, enhancing its appeal. With their personalised engravings, these belts serve a functional purpose and are a lasting reminder of the special day.

Custom Beer Glasses

Custom beer glasses for groomsmen

Custom beer glasses are a fun and memorable gift for groomsmen. These glasses can add a special touch to the celebration, making them ideal for commemorating the wedding with friends,

As a keepsake, custom beer glasses:

  • Remind groomsmen of the special day long after the wedding is over.
  • Are perfect for celebrating friendship
  • Enhance the bond between the groom and his groomsmen.

Monogrammed Wallets

Monogrammed wallets are practical and stylish gifts that combine functionality with a personal touch. They are perfect for everyday use and are a meaningful reminder of the groomsman’s role on the special day. The monogrammed initials add a unique and personal element, ensuring that the wallet is not just a gift but a cherished keepsake.

Practical Gifts for Wedding Weekend

Practical gifts for the wedding weekend are essential to preparing and organising your groomsmen. Items like dopp kits, portable espresso machines, and AirTag trackers ensure that your groomsmen have everything they need to navigate the busy schedule of wedding events. Thoughtfully showing your appreciation, these gifts are valuable and meaningful.

Dopp kits are essential travel companions for groomsmen, perfect for organising toiletries and grooming essentials. Portable espresso machines energise coffee-loving groomsmen throughout the wedding events. At the same time, AirTag trackers help keep track of essential items, ensuring nothing gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the big day.

Dopp Kits

Dopp kits are thoughtful and practical gifts that many men may not buy for themselves. They are essential for travel and provide a stylish way to organise toiletries and grooming items.

Options like the Bellroy and Lucchese dopp kits offer both practicality and elegance, making them ideal gifts for groomsmen,

Portable Espresso Machines

Portable espresso machines are a must-have for coffee-loving groomsmen. These compact and lightweight devices ensure that your groomsmen have access to fresh coffee throughout the wedding events; the WACACO model, for instance, is compatible with Nespresso pods, making it a convenient and practical gift.

AirTag Trackers

AirTag trackers are useful gifts for keeping track of important items during the wedding weekend. These small devices can be attached to keys, bags, or even wedding rings, making it easy to locate misplaced belongings.

Apple AirTag trackers are top-rated for their reliability and ease of use.

Luxurious Gifts for Groomsmen

Luxurious gifts are an excellent choice for groomsmen because they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the wedding experience. These gifts are perfect for showing your appreciation with a bit of extra flair. Ray-Ban sunglasses, Faber-Castell pen sets, and silk pocket squares are just a few examples of luxurious best-man gift ideas that your groomsmen will love.

Offering practical benefits on top of their aesthetic appeal, these gifts cater to both form and function. Some gift ideas for groomsmen include:

  • Ray-Ban sunglasses: perfect for outdoor weddings, providing both style and protection from the sun
  • Faber-Castell pen sets: known for their exceptional craftsmanship, making them a sophisticated gift choice
  • Silk pocket squares add an element of refinement to the groomsmen’s attire, ensuring they look their best on your special day.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Timeless Ray-Ban sunglasses for groomsmen

Ray-Ban sunglasses are a timeless and fashionable gift for outdoor weddings and group photos. These sunglasses are stylish and provide excellent sun protection, making them practical gifts. Their classic design ensures they remain a cherished accessory long after the wedding.

Faber-Castell Pen Sets

Faber-Castell pen sets are a luxurious gift known for their exceptional craftsmanship and design. These pens are perfect for groomsmen who appreciate high-quality writing instruments.

Faber-Castell pens’ sophistication and premium quality make them a memorable gift that will be used and admired for years to come.

Silk Pocket Squares

Silk pocket squares are an elegant accessory that enhances the groomsmen’s overall look. They add a touch of refinement to wedding attire and can be coordinated with the wedding theme. Silk pocket squares are functional and stylish in various patterns, making them a perfect luxurious gift.

Fun and Unique Gift Ideas

Offering a creative twist on traditional gifts, fun and unique ideas can make your gifts stand out and bring a smile to your groomsmen’s faces. Personalised caricature mugs, Whiskey Peaks glassware, and customised football team books combine fun with thoughtfulness.

For groomsmen who appreciate a bit of humour and creativity, these gifts are a perfect choice:

  • Personalised caricature mugs capture the essence of each groomsman playfully.
  • Whiskey Peaks glassware features unique mountain-inspired designs.
  • Customised football team books cater to sports enthusiasts, providing a personalised and memorable keepsake.

Personalised Caricature Mugs

Personalized caricature mugs as fun groomsmen gifts

Personalised caricature mugs are a humorous and memorable keepsake that captures each groomsman’s personality. These mugs often feature exaggerated and humorous representations, making them a fun reminder of the wedding day,

Customised to reflect each groomsman’s hobbies or traits, these practical man gift ideas are entertaining and valuable.

Whiskey Peaks Glassware

Whiskey Peaks glassware is a unique and practical gift featuring mountain-inspired designs. Each glass is hand-blown, adding to its unique appeal and aesthetic value; these glasses blend functionality with artistic design, making them a standout gift for whiskey lovers.

Customised Football Team Books

Customised football team books are a thoughtful gift for sports enthusiasts. These books come with personalised covers featuring the names of your groomsmen and can include:

  • The history of their favourite team
  • Highlights from memorable games
  • Profiles of star players
  • Fun facts and trivia about the team

Adding personal messages or dedications makes these books a cherished keepsake that celebrates their passion for the sport.

Grooming and Self-Care Gifts

Grooming and self-care gifts are ideal selections to ensure your groomsmen look and feel their best on the wedding day and beyond. These thoughtful, appreciated, and beneficial gifts emphasise personal wellness and boost confidence.

Kiehl’s grooming kits, luxury nail kits, and Eau De Toilette sets are excellent options. These gifts provide comprehensive grooming solutions, stylish accessories for well-groomed hands, and sophisticated fragrance choices, ensuring your groomsmen are at their best for the big day.

Kiehl’s Grooming Kits

Kiehl’s grooming kits offer comprehensive skincare and grooming solutions for groomsmen. These kits typically include facial cleansers, moisturisers, and shaving creams, making them versatile gifts that cater to various grooming needs,

Known for using natural ingredients, Kiehl’s products are effective and gentle on the skin.

Luxury Nail Kits

Luxury nail kits are a sleek and durable gift that combines style and practicality for well-groomed hands. These kits typically include:

  • High-quality nail clippers
  • Scissors
  • Files
  • Cuticle care tools

All are housed in a stylish and durable case.

Eau De Toilette Sets

Eau De Toilette sets are a sophisticated and luxurious gift offering a variety of scents to match different preferences. These sets usually include multiple bottles with varying profiles of fragrance, such as:

  • Citrus
  • Spicy
  • Floral
  • Woody notes

This allows groomsmen to find the perfect scent for any occasion.

Experience-Based Gifts

Experience-based gifts are a remarkable choice for creating unforgettable memories and offering a unique way to express appreciation. They are perfect for groomsmen who value experiences over material items. Superbike weekend tickets, Scotch whisky tasting sets, and personalised chess sets are just a few examples of experience-based gifts your groomsmen will love.

Providing thrilling activities, educational experiences, and bonding opportunities, these gifts offer a myriad of benefits. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of a Superbike weekend, the exploration of various whisky flavours, or the strategic challenge of a personalised chess set, these gifts ensure lasting memories and meaningful experiences.

Superbike Weekend Tickets

Superbike weekend tickets offer an adrenaline-filled experience for motorsport enthusiasts. These tickets often include access to exclusive areas and behind-the-scenes tours, enhancing the overall experience. They are held at exciting venues like Oulton Park and Brands Hatch, and these events provide high-octane excitement and thrills.

Scotch Whisky Tasting Sets

Scotch whisky-tasting sets are engaging gifts that allow groomsmen to explore various flavours and distilleries. These sets typically include multiple mini bottles, giving the group a rich and varied tasting experience. With detailed notes and history about each whisky, these sets are perfect for connoisseurs looking to savour and compare different Scotch varieties.

Personalised Chess Sets

Personalised chess sets are a symbol of admiration for the recipient’s strategic thinking and intellect. These sets can be engraved with names or special dates, making them cherished keepsakes; serving as both a functional game and a decorative piece, these chess sets are perfect for groomsmen who enjoy a good challenge.

Classic and Timeless Gifts

Offering enduring appeal and the potential for lasting memories, classic and timeless gifts are a worthwhile consideration. These gifts always stay in style and remain cherished for years. Hip flasks, fountain pens, and leather passport cases are classic gifts that your groomsmen will appreciate, making them some of the favourite ideas for timeless presents.

These valuable and meaningful gifts combine practicality with a sense of tradition. A hip flask engraved with initials and the wedding date, a high-quality fountain pen, or a stylish leather passport case are all perfect ways to show appreciation and create lasting memories.

Hip Flasks

Hip flasks are a classic gift that can be customised with initials and the wedding date, adding a personal touch. The English Pewter Company Hip Flask is an example of a stylish and sophisticated groomsman gift emphasising the high quality of premium materials.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are a timeless gift that combines elegance and functionality. High-quality fountain pens, such as those from Montblanc, are highly prized for their craftsmanship and luxury, making them perfect for personal and professional use.

Leather Passport Cases

Leather passport cases provide a stylish and durable option for frequent travellers. These cases often feature additional slots for credit cards and boarding passes, making them a thoughtful and practical gift,

Genuine leather passport cases are known for their durability and classic style, ensuring they remain a cherished item,

Budget-Friendly Groomsmen Gifts

Both thoughtful and affordable, budget-friendly gifts show your appreciation without straining your finances. Customised bottle openers, personalised pocket knives, and embroidered socks are just a few examples of budget-friendly gifts that your groomsmen will love.

Combining practicality with a personal touch, these gifts are valuable and meaningful. Whether it’s a pair of custom embroidered socks that add a unique touch to their outfit or a personalised key ring that they can use daily, budget-friendly gifts are a great way to show gratitude. Some ideas for budget-friendly gifts include:

  • Custom embroidered socks
  • Personalised key ring
  • Handmade candle
  • Engraved pen
  • Customised photo frame

These perfect gift options will make a lasting impression as a special gift without breaking the bank.

Embroidered Socks

Embroidered socks are a meaningful and appreciated gift option for groomsmen. They can be personalised with each groomsman’s initials, wedding dates, or fun patterns, adding a unique touch to the gift.

Coordinating the socks with the wedding colours or themes adds an extra layer of personalisation during the wedding planning process.

Cookies and Treats

Themed cookies and edible treats are a fun and affordable option for groomsmen gifts. Custom cookies can be shaped and decorated to reflect the wedding theme or the groom’s interests, making them a delightful and personalised gift; these cookies can also be decorated with the wedding date, names, or even small edible images of the groomsmen.

Personalised Key Rings

Personalised key rings make excellent groomsmen gifts due to their practicality and sentimental value. They can be customised with engravings, such as names or special dates, making them unique and meaningful.

Small yet significant, personalised key rings are ideal for everyday use and serve as a constant reminder of the special day.


Choosing the perfect groomsman gifts is an integral part of wedding planning. The right gifts show your appreciation and create lasting memories for those who have supported you throughout your journey. From personalised items like engraved leather belts and custom beer glasses to luxurious gifts such as Ray-Ban sunglasses and Faber-Castell pen sets, countless options suit every groomsman’s taste and personality.

Practical gifts like dopp kits and AirTag trackers ensure your groomsmen are well-prepared for the wedding weekend. In contrast, fun and unique gifts like personalised caricature mugs and Whiskey Peaks glassware add a creative twist to traditional gifts. Grooming and self-care gifts help your groomsmen look and feel their best; experience-based gifts create unforgettable memories. Classic and timeless gifts like hip flasks and leather passport cases offer enduring appeal. At the same time, budget-friendly options like embroidered socks and personalised key rings show that thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive.

Ultimately, the best groomsmen gifts reflect the unique personalities and interests of your groomsmen, making them feel special and appreciated. By carefully selecting gifts that resonate with each individual, you can create meaningful and lasting memories that will be cherished for years. So, take the time to choose the perfect gifts for your groomsman and make your wedding day even more special for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular personalised groomsmen gifts?

Consider personalised groomsmen gifts like engraved leather belts, custom beer glasses, and monogrammed wallets to reflect each groomsman’s unique personality and add a personal touch to the wedding day. These gifts are both thoughtful and practical.

Why are practical gifts meaningful for the wedding weekend?

Practical gifts are essential for the wedding weekend as they help groomsmen stay organised and energised, ensuring they are prepared for the events. Giving gifts like dopp kits, portable espresso machines, and AirTag trackers can be essential for keeping track of necessary items and staying energised throughout the events.

What makes luxurious gifts appealing for groomsmen?

Luxurious gifts for groomsmen, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses and silk pocket squares, add elegance and sophistication to their experience, making them memorable and appreciated.

How can fun and unique gifts make a difference?

Fun and unique gifts can make a difference by adding a creative and memorable touch to traditional presents, capturing the essence of the recipient and creating a lasting keepsake.

Are there budget-friendly options for groomsmen gifts?

Yes, budget-friendly groomsmen gift options like personalised key rings, embroidered socks, and cookies show appreciation without exceeding your budget. These gifts offer a personal touch and practicality.

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