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Choosing your wedding cake can involve a lot of taste testing. There have to be some perks to planning a wedding and sampling cake is most definitely up there, wouldn’t you agree.

But what if the traditional three-tiered iced cake isn’t for you? Do you really have to opt for a traditional wedding cake if it isn’t your thing? Absolutely not. It actually doesn’t even need to be a cake if you don’t want one.

Read on to see what unique twists for your wedding cake you can consider for your big day.

Miniature Stack

Think croquembouche, macaroons, mini cupcakes, mini desserts, min anything really. Use a stand to help you build a tower to hold centre stage in place of a wedding cake.



Not a fan of sweet food, or you want something totally different; then pork pie wedding cakes are most definitely a thing. Use a sturdy stand to prop up three different sized pies – they can even be different flavours or use posts to enable direct stacking.



Who doesn’t love cheese. Build your own cheese ‘cake’ by selecting different cheese rounds and creating your own wedding cake with a difference.



Start with a solid base layered with your favourite biscuit. For imagination, we will use Oreos. Then once you have a solid round or even square base, build up your layers, getting smaller and smaller until you reach your final layer.



Choose plain ring doughnuts, or go all out with filled speciality flavour filled doughnuts and much like with biscuits, build up your tower either freestanding or on a supporting stand.

Get creative and forgo the wedding cake favouring something much for fun that will definitely be a talking point amongst all your guests.