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If there is an iconic idea of a magical wedding is one of our grandparents: simple, brought to life thanks to flowers and everyday items, and often followed by a long-lasting marriage. Today, you can recreate a bit of that magic by selecting a vintage theme for your wedding. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect atmosphere, but asking your guests to choose a vintage attire is also essential – and you might consider a social media ban!


Vintage Transport

The day of your wedding suddenly becomes real when the car pulls out in front of your home. Borrowing a classy vintage vehicle is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the right atmosphere. Whether it is a Porsche or a Rolls Royce, you can make a grand entrance and exit by just picking the right car!


Trunks, Books, and Gramophones

Especially if your wedding ceremony is outdoors, you can start thinking outside the box to find the right decorations. For a vintage wedding, books, gramophones, and tunks can create a great atmosphere. You can use these elements to create vintage seats and tables that contribute to the atmosphere. 


Ice Cream Carts, Whisky Bars, and Tea Stations

Nothing creates a vintage atmosphere like whisky bars and tea stations. Of course, it is important to have something for each of your guests, and the little ones might prefer an ice cream cart the most. Depending on your budget, the season, and space availability, you can consider the vintage magic of these additions. 


Antique Furniture

Instead of opting for all matched chairs and tables, play with vintage pieces of furniture, mismatched seats, and bistro chairs. They won’t only create the perfect vintage atmosphere but will take off the pressure of having to find enough matching chairs and tables. 


Old Photo Display

Nothing screams “vintage” more than an old photo display. And why not celebrate the love of the couples in your families by displaying black-and-white photos of your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding?


Doilies and Lace Details

If you have ever stepped foot in a grandmother’s house, you know how vintage doilies and lace details are! They were once used as coasters, decorations, or ornaments. If you are handy with crocheting, you can create several different doilies in a matter of days and use them around your wedding location. They can be used to bind flowers, cutlery, or as placement mats. 


Create a Unique Guest Book

Guest books have always been an important presence in every wedding – up to today’s social media take over! However, today, you can bring back this tradition and have a book signed by your guests to go through at your future anniversaries. You can also use alternative ideas such as asking your guests to type a message on a typewriter, send you a telegram, or sign the back of scrabble pieces. 


Flowers Make a Difference

Flowers have always been an important part of a wedding. However, the flowers used and their compositions have changed over the years. If you wish to bring back some of that vintage magic, you might consider decorating with wildflowers and carrying lilies of the valley in your bouquet.

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