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21 Wedding Alcohol Favours Your Guests Will Love


Finding the ideal wedding favours for your big day can be a challenge. You might want them to fit perfectly with your wedding theme or stand out from the crowd. However you might want to include wedding favours to your guests, we have given you a run-down of 21 alcohol wedding favour ideas that everyone will certainly enjoy!

Personalized Miniature Bottles

Miniature alcohol bottles or alcohol miniatures are a great way to give your guests something personal and discrete for them to either enjoy at the reception or to take home. These can easily fit in with your wedding aesthetic and you can add personalized tags or use unique bottle shapes to make it extra special.

DIY Infused Spirits

Infused spirits are a great way to add flavour to make any delicious cocktail whether it be fruits or herbs. You can try making your own DIY infused spirits, or give your guests the option to make their own!

Wine Bottle Stopper

Personalized bottle stoppers are another inventive way for your guests to remember your special day! You can either have them themed to work perfectly with your wedding aesthetic or even go the extra mile to cater to each guest!

Craft Beer Selection

Try exploring local breweries and include them in your alcoholic wedding favours! You could even create your own unique beer labels to put over the bottles and make the perfect wedding favour!

Signature Cocktail Kit

Perfect for your guests to take home, a cocktail kit is another great way to create unique alcohol wedding favours! Include custom ingredients and recipe cards that will fit in with your wedding theme!

Miniature Champagne Bottles

Use festive packaging and personalized tags to make creative miniature bottles of champagne that everyone will certainly love! These mini bottles can be decorated to follow your wedding theme and will make perfect wedding favors for your guests.

Homemade Liqueurs

Make your alcohol wedding favors even more personal by making your own liqueurs! Try researching your local area to see where you could pick up some tips to make your own concoction and use it in mini bottles or cocktail kits to impress your guests.

Shot Glass Favors

Shots are always a great way to get the crowd going! Making your own shot glasses with unique personalised tags showing the wedding date and the names of the happy couple is another innovative way for your guests to remember your special day.

Alcohol-Infused Candies

If you really want to think outside the box, then alcohol-infused candies are a a fun way to incorporate alcohol wedding favors in a fun way! Try finding delicious recipes for boozy lollipops or chocolate liqueurs to give your guests a sweet treat!

Custom Coasters

Create custom coasters with your names and the date of the wedding for your guests to take away and remember their time they have shared with you! You can accompany your coasters with a unique design and stylish artwork that will coincide with your wedding aesthetic!

Bottle Openers

Another nifty way for your guests to remember your big day is to add customised bottle openers that will surely make a great impression! Personalise these with embellishments or even unique engravings for a great keepsake for your guests.

Alcohol Wedding Favour Tags

Let your guests know how thankful you are for them celebrating your special day! Personalised wedding favour tags are a great way to make miniature bottles individual and special as well as your guests being able to have something to remember your day!

Cocktail Infusion Jars

This is another unique way to incorporate alcohol into your wedding favours! Simply fill some mason jars with herbs and citrus flavours, and your guests simply pour their chosen spirit into the container to create their own cocktail!

Wine Bottle Wedding Favours

Create your own wine labels to commemorate your special day! Simply stick these onto your chosen wine bottles for the table or for each guest. But don’t forget to play around with the design and make it fun for everyone!

Drink Garnishes

Why not give your alcohol wedding favours a sprinkle of decadence? Having drink garnishes will certainly impress your friends and family to give their beverages an extra kick of character and class!

Test Tube Shots

Get creative with your wedding favours by giving your guests shots in a test tube! You can decorate and personalise the test tubes for each guest and give them something to get the party started!

G&T Kits

Give your wedding guests something to take home by creating your own G&T kits! Personalise each kit for your friends and family by incorporating locally sourced gin flavours and tonics for your guests to enjoy either at the reception or at home!

Alcohol infused cupcakes

Give your guests a sweet treat with a twist! Create a selection of delicious alcohol infused cupcakes which you can personalise for each guest! You can even do an array of different cocktail flavoured cupcakes to give your guests unlimited options!

Copper Mugs

Another way to give your guests wedding favours is by giving them copper mugs which are perfect for alcoholic drinks! You can personalise these with the date of your wedding or the name of each guest so that they can take home a piece of your day!

Personalised Mason Jars

Mason jars are another way of incorporating alcohol into your wedding favors! Personalized mason jars can be great for guests to use in the reception and take home to remember your special day.

Drink Tokens

Have some fun with your friends and family by giving out drinks tokens after the ceremony! Personalise them to let your guests go to the bar and collect their drink, or you can even have a lucky dip to see what they end up with!


There are so many unique ways to incorporate alcohol in wedding favours so your guests can remember your special day! With these ideas, you will definitely have the perfect wedding favour for all your friends and family to enjoy!


Can you have alcohol as a wedding favour?

Yes you can! Remember it is your wedding day so you can choose what favours to give your guests, however if there is anyone who does not drink alcohol then see if you can find an alternative!

Is it rude not to have wedding favors?

No one is required to give out wedding favours, but it is a way of thanking your guests for coming to celebrate your day!

Do guests care about wedding favours?

You might be very busy on your wedding day and miss a few people to greet and say thank you. Having wedding favors allows you to eliminate the worry of making sure to thank everyone as the favour makes everyone know that you are grateful for them coming.

What are the best alcohol wedding favours for my guests?

The best alcohol wedding favours often include mini bottles of popular spirits such as whiskey, vodka, gin, or tequila. You can also consider personalized wine or champagne bottles, local craft beers, or cocktail kits. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your preferences, budget, and wedding theme.

Are there any unique alcohol favours that I can consider for my winter wedding?

For a winter wedding, consider alcohol favours that have a warm, cozy vibe. Options can include mini bottles of spiced rum, mulled wine, or hot chocolate with a liqueur, such as Bailey’s or Kahlúa. Personalized labels or packaging can add an extra touch of elegance and thoughtfulness to your favours.