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When it comes to wedding cakes, you want a showstopper that will be the talking point of your day. It’s a beautiful moment when the bride and groom cut the wedding cake surrounded by all their loved ones, and it symbolises the moment the party really gets started. So looking for wedding cake ideas has to be a significant part of your wedding planning. There are some amazing ideas out there – from bold, extravagant professional designs to homemade contributions filled with meaning from family and friends. 


Traditional Iced Wedding Cakes

The iced cake is the classic standard, and they can be beautifully decorated with delicate embellishments such as edible pearls, ombre icing, watercolour illustrations and metallic details. These cakes are solid in construction and won’t easily melt or deconstruct. 


Naked Wedding Cakes 

A trend in recent years has been for ‘naked’ cakes, which simply means one without icing so guests can see the layers of sponge, jam and buttercream inside. Simple and rustic, they can still make a considerable statement and often come decorated with fruit or beautiful floral arrangements. 


Alternative Wedding Cakes 

The best wedding is one which is highly personal to the couple getting married, and the wedding cake is another opportunity to show your personality. Some couples are now opting for designs like a tower of French macaroons, which are colourful and delicious. We’ve also seen towers of cupcakes or doughnuts and constructions make of cake pops – little lollipops of cake with different flavours and colours. On the continent, a croquembouche is the traditional option – light profiterole pastries held together in a giant tower with syrup and chocolate. Many couples prefer this option as feeling less formal. 


Savoury Wedding Cakes 

Not a fan of sugar overload? More and more couples have chosen cheese wedding cakes, beautifully made from wheels of their favourite snack. These are typically arranged with fruits and foliage to give the wow factor. Some couples also choose to have pies if they are more of a favourite. 


Whatever wedding cake you choose, as long as it reflects your taste and personality, it’s bound to be a memorable part of your day.