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Wedding insurance is becoming more and more popular amongst couples who have saved hard for the day of their dreams. Of course, no one wants to think of something going wrong on their wedding day, but the peace of mind in knowing you’re covered if a curveball crops up can be considerable. Disaster can – and occasionally do – happen, from illness to dress related disasters. Wedding insurance can go some way to guarding against having to cancel or postpone your ceremony and reception. 


Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

But do you really need wedding insurance? It all depends on how much you value the security and to some extent, how much you have spent on your wedding. On the one hand, if you have used a credit card to pay for items between £100 and £30k, you will automatically be covered by the card provider should anything go wrong. This means you are already covered against issues with services or goods which are in breach of contract – for example, if the wedding cake is not delivered, or your car service is double booked. In some cases, your home insurance policy may also supply some relevant cover, or allow you to extend it to insure aspects of your wedding.


What Does Wedding Insurance Cover – And What Doesn’t It?

Many more couples are now opting for specific insurance to safeguard all their carefully laid plans. Most standard wedding insurance policies tend to cover:

  • Accidents or illness in the main wedding party
  • Bereavement in the main wedding party
  • A supplier going out of business
  • Loss or damage due to accident, fire or theft on wedding outfits
  • Loss or damage of the wedding rings
  • The cake and flowers
  • Cost of having to retake wedding photographs or videos
  • Failure of transport
  • Personal liability and legal expenses


Of course, the level of cover varies a lot depending on the individual wedding insurance policy you choose to purchase, so make sure you check the policy details carefully before making a decision. Of course, wedding insurance doesn’t cover absolutely everything. Things which tend not to be covered include:


  • A situation which already existed at the time the wedding bookings were made (e.g a preexisting illness)
  • If one partner changes their mind and calls the wedding off
  • If you simply can’t afford to go ahead with your plan
  • Certain thefts, such as outfits being stolen from a vehicle
  • Honeymoons (although you can usually purchase separate insurance policies for these)


So the decision to take out wedding insurance, like most things to do with your big day, is highly personal and a matter for you and your partner to discuss. However, most standard policies aren’t hugely expensive and could save a lot of heartache. The best course of action is to refer back to your wedding budget and add up exactly how much you are spending. If it is a considerable amount then you might be well served to take out a policy to mitigate the risk of losing more than you can afford to. Weddings can be stressful enough, so taking out the right wedding insurance policy can give you that vital peace of mind on one of the biggest days of your life.

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