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The Magic of Wedding Seasons at Bredenbury Court Barns


There is so much joy in being newly engaged and having the prospect of starting a new chapter in life with a life partner by your side! The next thing to think about once you have told your nearest and dearest about the exciting news of your engagement, is of course the wedding planning.

Whether you are planning your dream wedding or giving yourself a month to get married, we will guide you through the magical benefits of planning your wedding date, managing your wedding budget and navigating wedding seasons at Bredenbury Court Barns!

Understanding Wedding Seasons

A. Significance of Wedding Seasons

There are many important factors that you need to consider if you are planning to have your wedding in the peak wedding season. During the year, the wedding season can vary depending on the guaranteed weather and latest trends.

Usually, peak wedding seasons fall during the summer and autumn months as many newlyweds want to have an outdoor wedding with warmer weather, especially with uk weddings! This is also the time when the school summer holidays start, so families with children can attend your wedding date.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for a Winter wedding as this is a great way to save money if you are on a budget. Winter weddings usually fall in the off peak wedding season, so you will certainly be guaranteed availability and a gorgeous cosy setting to remember for a lifetime!

B. Factors that Influence the Choice of Season

The main thing you need to think about is how you want to save money and what packages wedding venues are offering during the non peak wedding season. This is a good way to get an idea of the best month to get married in at the particular wedding venue you are looking at. One main factor that influences the price and popularity of a wedding venue is the weather.

At Bredenbury Court Barns, you do not need to worry about the everchanging seasons or the time of year as their facilities can cater for any season whether that be Winter weddings, Summer weddings or an outdoor wedding!

What is more, you might want to have a look at off season wedding dates and how this might influence your wedding budget and guest attendance. If you are thinking to get married with just an adult-only guest list, then you might be able to get a better deal when the school holidays are over!

If this is the case, we recommend getting married in the winter months when the schools start. A November wedding is a practical wedding date to save money and definitely a cheaper month to get married.

Why Choose Bredenbury Court Barns

A. The Uniqueness of Bredenbury Court Barns

If you are looking for a unique and intimate setting to celebrate your big day, then Bredenbury Court Barns is the perfect location to create your dream wedding! Complete with exclusive use of the grounds and the freedom to decorate the wedding venue to your satisfaction, Bredenbury Court Barns is the ideal wedding season venue to have a smaller gathering!

On the other hand, if you are looking for a venue that accommodates a larger gathering, then Bredenbury Court Barns is the ideal choice to celebrate your special day!

With their innovative and unique buildings to seat up to 180 guests, you can choose from the Orangery, Atrium and Oak Barn to make your dream wedding come to life. Its rich and rustic character is what makes this wedding venue so appealing, and we can certainly see why with its century old history!

B. Variety of Wedding Packages at Bredenbury Court Barns

At Bredenbury Court Barns, there is a wide variety of wedding season packages to kick start your wedding planning! Whether you are opting to have a large or a small gathering, there are a number of locations that will be the perfect fit.

What is more, Bredenbury Court Barns offer a great flexible wedding package for mid week and Winter weddings if you are on a budget! With this you can choose to have the perfect wedding day without the worry of it costing a fortune.

Winter wedding season is a great time to tie the knot as it is budget friendly and will give your guests something to look forward to during the festive period! Early fall weddings and off season weddings make beautiful wedding photos with the crisp autumn and winter ambience and the soft lighting in the evenings.

Another great deal at Bredenbury Court Barns is their no corkage offer where you have the freedom to bring your own drinks to party the night away! And don’t worry about the garnishes; Bredenbury Court Barns will provide you with herbs and fruits for you to create the perfect cocktail to impress your friends and family.

Spring Weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns

Personalized bottle stoppers are another inventive way for your guests to remember your special day! You can either have them themed to work perfectly with your wedding aesthetic or even go the extra mile to cater to each guest!

Craft Beer Selection

A. Why Spring? – Advantages of a Spring Wedding

Spring is the the season where winter begins to fade away and everything starts to get brighter and warmer. At Bredenbury Court Barns, spring weddings are the perfect way to enjoy the gardens and natural vicinity of the grounds!

April weddings are especially a great time to see the blooming of flowers and wildlife with their rich colour palette and fine weather. So, if you are thinking down the route of outdoor weddings or larger gatherings, then spring is probably the best wedding season for you.

B. Spring Wedding Themes and Decor Ideas

With spring mostly surrounding the idea of florals and bright colours, then it would be fitting to find some spring decor to follow the season! The most popular month to get married in spring is May due to its warmer weather and stunning backdrops. With this, you can create the ideal setting for your wedding day whether that be a modern, romantic, or even a bohemian wedding theme!

C. Real-life Spring Wedding Stories at Bredenbury Court Barns

At Bredenbury Court Barns, there are many beautiful weddings that are hosted every year in all seasons! A great example of a stunning Spring wedding is Sophie and Mitch who tied the knot at the end of February 2022!

With a surprise proposal in the middle of lockdown, they were inspired to have an old romantic wedding theme due to its closeness to valentines day. With soft pinks and purples as their colour palette, Sophie and Mitch’s big day was full of love and laughter in the beautiful Oak Barn which overlooks the stunning Cotswolds scenery!

Summer Weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns

A. The Allure of Summer – Benefits of a Summer Wedding

Having a Summer wedding comes with many main benefits, the obvious one being the warm weather and longer daylight hours. What is more, there is more flexibility for family and friends to make the wedding due to the peak season and bank holidays! Outdoor wedding venues are also more of a possibility to enjoy the summer weather and you can plan a hot getaway for your honeymoon!

B. Summer Wedding Themes and Decor Ideas

Just like a spring wedding, you can get married with a venue full of vibrant colour and stunning weather in the British summer time! If you are wanting to have a view of the stunning West Midlands countryside, then a Summer wedding at Bredenbury Court Barns is the ideal place to make sure your special day is memorable for the rest of your lives. With the hot weather, you can go with a tropical wedding or a vintage theme to make the most of the magnificent british sunshine!

Bright summer flowers and a garden theme decor is extremely fitting for your Summer wedding to coincide with the hot weather and seasonal growth. If you love being outdoors, then a Summer wedding is a great way to celebrate your union until the sun goes down late into the night!

C. Real-life Summer Wedding Stories at Bredenbury Court Barns

In August 2019, Andrew and Rebecca had the most perfect Summer wedding with a personalised element theme! With a surprise proposal in the beautiful Leckhampton Hills, Andre and Rebecca started the planning process of their August wedding at Bredenbury Court Barns.

Their main inspiration for their wedding day was to put their own stamp on certain aspects of the day such as the place names and wedding favours which Rebecca handmade! With Bredenbury Court Barns having such a versatile choice of locations, the Oak Barn was the perfect place for Andrew and Rebecca to host their outdoor Summer wedding. Their favourite moment of the day was the stunning photo shoot around the grounds, and then of course partying all through the night!

Autumn Weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns

A. The Charm of Autumn – Why Choose an Autumn Wedding

There are so many beautiful benefits to have your wedding season in Autumn! September weddings are especially the most popular choice amongst newlyweds due to its closeness with the end of summer and it is the beginning of the off peak season. This means that if you are working with a budget or trying to save money, then an Autumn wedding will be the perfect fit!

At Bredenbury Court Barns, you will certainly find the most magical and elegant setting to host your special day. With their multiple venue hire locations, you can get married in the ideal autumnal setting with stunning backdrops in the Orangery, the Oak Barn, and the Wedding Party Barn!

B. Autumn Wedding Themes and Decor Ideas

Autumn is the time where summer begins to end and the fall colours start to appear. With this, you might want to think about having soft warm colours such and reds, oranges, and browns as well as incorporating a rustic and vintage finish to the venue. You can even reflect this in the catering by having warm soups and breads for your guests to enjoy!

C. Real-life Autumn Wedding Stories at Bredenbury Court Barns

Amber and Craig Harris began their new married life chapter in September 2021 where they celebrated their love with friends and family at Bredenbury Court Barns! Through meeting due to their love of theatre, Amber and Craig really hit it off and you can say that the rest is history!

When they began planning for the big day, they wanted to add their own rustic style to celebrate their interests and passions. With Amber’s love for Disney and Craig’s passion for Doctor Who, they created the ideal wedding setting with the help of the Bredenbury Court Barns team!

The main final decider for Amber and Craig to choose Bredenbury Court Barns was due to its luxurious interiors and tranquil atmosphere to make sure their special day is remembered for years to come!

VII. Winter Weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns

A. Winter Wonderland – The Magic of a Winter Wedding

Winter is usually the time of year where the days become darker and the weather is much colder. However, at Bredenbury Court Barns you can create the perfect and ideal Winter wedding to celebrate with friends and family! You will certainly impress your wedding guests with a spin on tradition to create your own winter wonderland in the winter wedding season.

B. Winter Wedding Themes and Decor Ideas

There are so many possibilities with having a Winter wedding, especially if you choose to host it at Bredenbury Court Barns! With the picturesque scenery of the Cotswolds and a stunning array of locations, the winter season will certainly have the perfect month to get married.

You can start by choosing winter themed accessories to decorate the rooms and tables for your guests to be immersed in a magical winter wonderland! You can also emulate the beauty that winter creates by using glitter and dark rich colours in your decorations.

C. Real-life Winter Wedding Stories at Bredenbury Court Barns

Winter weddings are one of the best seasons to get married due to its stunning beauty and cosy atmosphere. Paul and Melissa chose to have a december wedding at the end of 2022 which was full of love and happiness as they celebrated with friends and family!

From meeting at work and making a beautiful life together for 8 years, Paul decided to pop the question in the summer of 2021! When the wedding planning began, they visited Bredenbury Court Barns and instantly fell in love with the stunning views and the magnificent buildings that were perfect for their Winter wedding.

They were captivated by the elegant lighting in the Orangery, and the Oak Barn was the perfect place to have the after party celebrations! Their Winter wedding was full of love and magic due to the style and beauty of the winter season that stunningly transpired into the Bredenbury Court Barns location for Paul and Melissa to remember for the rest of their lives!

Choosing the Right Wedding Season

A. Factors to Consider

When choosing the right wedding season, there are a few factors that you may want to consider before you get married. The first is the weather and if you want to get married in the indoors or outdoors. Winter weddings are the perfect way to create an intimate and magical moment between you and your partner and will certainly be the highlight of the winter season for your friends and family!

You should also consider how the peak wedding season months will impact your budget and if you can save money. With a Winter wedding or Autumn wedding, you will be able to find a great deal to save on wedding packages due to it being off season. You will also want to think about how likely your friends and family can attend due to the time of year, so consider how school holidays and bank holidays may affect this.

All in all, there is no right or wrong time to get married and the wedding season is purely your own personal preference! Whether you want a hawaiian themed beach ceremony or a rustic winter wonderland, whatever you choose will be perfect!

B. Personal Preferences vs Practical Considerations

You may have an idea of your dream wedding but try to think about how this will translate into reality. At Bredenbury Court Barns, you will certainly be able to get married and create your ideal wedding in the beauty of the Cotswolds and their rustic wedding locations!

With the help of the friendly staff at Bredenbury Court Barns, they will guide you to envision your personal preferences and make your ideas come to life to celebrate with your friends and family! However, it is important to think realistically about your preferences to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

C. Seeking Professional Advice

Another great way to make sure your wedding day is fitting with the wedding season is to seek professional advice to see how your personal preferences can come to life.

There are so many wedding venues that offer on hand help to guide you through your ideas and planning, however at Bredenbury Court Barns, their friendly staff are always happy to sit down and discuss your special day and ensure you have the most magical time!

With a professional advisor, you can discuss every detail of the wedding day from cake flavours to interior decorations! Whichever wedding season you decide to get married in, you will definitely benefit from some external help.

FAQs about Wedding Seasons at Bredenbury Court Barns

Availability and Booking Queries

If you have any concerns or queries about booking at Bredenbury Court Barns, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us directly by filling out our form to arrange a viewing or you can email us at [email protected] or call on 01885 227010. Whatever season you choose to get married in, we will certainly be able to accomodate any new couple who wishes to have their special day with us!

What's the best month to get married in the UK?

There is no right or wrong month to get married in the UK, as long as you make sure you are with your nearest and dearest to create long lasting memories!

There are however certain months which are more popular than others such as June, August, and September due to the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. However, Winter weddings are also very popular due to their intimate settings and cosy atmosphere that you can certainly create at Bredenbury Court Barns!

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

At Bredenbury Court Barns, you never need to worry about unpredictable weather conditions or rain spoiling your day! We have various ways to ensure you and your wedding guests are warm and dry with our wedding locations adapted to be prepared for any surprises!

Is it cheaper to get married in the winter?

Obviously, it is a money saving bonus to get married in the winter months due to the off peak season and the colder weather. You can create the perfect Winter wedding and ideal decor in the Orangery and Oak Barn to celebrate your love with friends and family!

Package Details and Customization Options

How can I see your package deals?

To view our wedding packages or to arrange a viewing, then please fill out our form or download our wedding brochure to have a closer look at what we have to offer! You can also email us at [email protected] or call is on 01885 227010 to speak to our friendly staff!

Can I customise the venue with my own style?

Of course! At Bredenbury Court Barns you can customise our wedding locations however you like to make sure there is a touch of your own style to your big day! Simply book a viewing with our wedding team to discuss your vision and make you wedding day unforgettable!


A. Summing Up the Magic of Seasonal Weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns

So there you have it! Now that you know all there is to know about wedding seasons, it is time to get the planning process in motion to make your special day come to life!

At Bredenbury Court Barns, you have the freedom to design your day with your own personal wedding preferences in mind, as well as the added benefit of not worrying about the change of seasons!

So if you are concerned about your wedding budget or if the weather will be a damper on the day, you will not have to worry about any of this when you choose to have your wedding day at Bredenbury Court Barns!

With our on hand wedding team and availability to arrange a viewing with our helpful advisors, you will certainly find the perfect location and wedding date to start getting excited for your new married life.

B. Invitation to Visit Bredenbury Court Barns

Come and see Bredenbury Court Barns for yourself! Arrange a viewing with our wedding team to discuss everything you need to know as well as any burning questions that have been on your mind.

We will be happy to find the best wedding packages and deals to make your dream wedding come to life! You can also call us on 01885 227010 or email us at [email protected] to go through our venues and all the information you need to know to make sure we can make your wedding planning an easy and stress free process. We are very excited to see you and help to create the most magical wedding day!

Join us for our Viewing Day 

The team at Bredenbury Court are delighted to be hosting a viewing day this coming Saturday 18th May and we have a few appointments remaining. We would love to show you around this special, family-run business.

We can’t wait to meet you, email us or call us today to book your personal tour with one of our Event Managers. Alternatively, you can click the button below to book a viewing.