magician and host

At the heart of what I do is a very simple idea. To turn those awkward lulls into unforgettable highlights! What I do isn’t really about magic, it’s about giving each guest a lasting memory of a great day. My enthusiastic performances are a blend of extraordinary close up magic and comedy that will have your guests both laughing hysterically and scratching their heads in amazement. I absolutely love what I do and can honestly say if I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d carry on performing as it really is my passion!

As your host and entertainer I’ll keep your day on track with fun announcements, uplifting introductions and magical entertainment I do everything you’d expect from a traditional toastmaster but without the formality and the red tailcoat (so last year, don’t you think?). In a contemporary twist I use comedy and magical mind-reading to provide a relaxed vibe that brings your friends and families together. I’ll help your day run smoothly and give everyone lots of laughs and mind-blowing gasps along the way.

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