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Choosing Groomswear takes just as much deliberation and is as important as choosing Bridalwear. With couples enjoying a far wider variety of wedding styles and themes, the fashion and choice of Groomswear has adapted to become far more expansive in choice and a large consideration to make.

Many people remark on the etiquette of suit colour, but when we are considering your wedding day that is far removed from the business meeting perception. But, of course the colour of your suit is an important decision for your wedding day. You are going to be in that outfit for your wedding photos and most likely the whole day, unless you have an evening change of clothes planned. 

Popular colours of suit a groom tends to consider are either blue, black or grey. These three colours are often seen to be the most fitting. Consider pairing accessories such as a pocket square, cufflinks, belt or even your socks to complement your choice of suit colour and bridal party. Or, as a means to add bold splashes of colour in keeping with your wedding theme.

In some instances, there are trends where grooms can opt for a more relaxed ensemble that removes the tie or waistcoat, or the groom chooses a tweed suit. When choosing what style and colour suit to wear, think about the venue and the stylings of your venue. 

If you have opted for a rustic, countryside, barn style wedding venue then you may consider to approach your groomswear differently than if you are marrying in a more traditional setting venue, like a church or stately home. 

Do remember to consider your own personal style of dressing and how you feel most comfortable. If the thought of wearing a full three piece suit is rather alien or it’s just not your thing to dress black tie, then you don’t have to. Ultimately, it is your day to dress as you please – but do remember to consider and compliment your partner with your choice of suit colour.

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