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There is no reason why a winter wedding cannot be a glamourous and spell-binding as a summer wedding. All it takes is a little more preparation and thought. You definitely cannot rely on the weather, so you are going to need to think of ways to stay warm, and that is just the start. There are many other things you need to consider as well, such as the location, the theme, the formality, etc. But you do not need to worry as we have come up with a few things to help you come up with some beautiful clothing ideas for that winter wedding.

The dress

As you are going to be battling the colder conditions you are going to have to do a bit of experimentation when it comes to the dress. First of all, are there any special dress code requirements, or a theme on the invite? This may be due to the location of the wedding or individual preference. So ensure you understand this. Generally speaking, at a winter wedding, it is wise to consider a dress with a thicker than usual fabric. You may want to go for something with a darker tone than you would normally go for too. Also, you may want to pick a dress with sleeves. As it may be bad weather, you may want to choose something that is not floor length but will cover your legs. If it is more casual, maybe a maxi dress that covers the legs will suffice, or a knee-length dress with thicker stockings.

A pretty shawl

You will need something to cover your shoulder, a nice shawl wrapped around the arms is the perfect addition. It looks elegant and does not deter from the dress.


This really will come down to location. Firstly, you are not really going to be able to wear an open-toed shoe, unless you are sure then the entire event will be hosted inside. So think something that covers the foot a little better. How about a classy block heel? Or a pair of boots. Stilettos are a good choice unless you know you will be navigating the outdoors. Some slingbacks flats can make a good accompaniment to certain dresses. Try taking a spare pair or elegant flats and keeping them in the car, if the stilettos become hard to walk in. 


Once you know what you are wearing, then you can accessorize it, the bag is the main focal point. You may want a mini umbrella too, depending on the location, maybe something very small that will fit in a bag, or your man’s pocket. An elegant clutch is probably your best bet. Something that displays some beautiful winter fabric to go with the dress. Then all you need is some suitable jewellery. 

The main point of dressing for a winter wedding is to consider the weather, location and theme. You cannot go as you would to a summer wedding, you need to think warmth and suitability of footwear, above all.

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