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Wedding days can be very confusing, largely thanks to all the different elements that they comprise. The most confusing part of all, however, is the wedding breakfast. Contrary to what you think, this isn’t the breakfast that you have when you wake up on your wedding day. That would make a lot of sense, but that’s not what we’re referring to. 


Instead, a wedding breakfast is a meal that takes place after your ceremony. No, it’s not the wedding dinner, it’s more of a little snack that everyone can enjoy during the wait between the ceremony and the actual dinner itself. 


Why is it called a wedding breakfast if it doesn’t take place in the morning?

On most wedding days, you’re likely to have the wedding breakfast at around midday or slightly later – depending on your schedule. So, why is it called a wedding breakfast if you’ve probably already had breakfast before you got to the wedding?


Well, breakfast means to break a fast, so it technically doesn’t have any ties to the start of the day. You are breaking a fast between meals, so that’s one reason why it’s called this. Another is that it was traditionally held in the morning in the early 1800s when people would have the ceremony very early on and wouldn’t eat beforehand. In those days it really was your breakfast!


As such, we’ve kind of just carried on calling it by this name to fit with the tradition. You can put it down as one of those wedding traditions we’ve upheld for centuries – like brides wearing white dresses.