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What comes to mind when you think of an English country wedding? This traditional wedding day theme conjures romantic notions of rustic glamour and a strong hint of nature running through its centre.

Choosing the best English country wedding decor can really help you to set the scene for your big day and capture the essence of what an English country wedding is all about.

This post looks at some of the best country wedding decor ideas to help you add that extra something special to your big day and create the perfect theme.

Flowers and Foliage

The English countryside is full of greenery and some beautiful landscapes, and to really create the best English country wedding, you need to incorporate greenery into your design. Be it using small potted plants as table decoration or party favours; people can take home or replicating a cherry blossom tree indoors to create that perfect whimsical feel.

Wooden Signage

Nothing screams rustic more than wooden signs. Keeping the natural thee to this country garden wedding style is forgoing plastic modern designs favouring more sustainable options that can really pull your look together. Think welcome signs, placeholders, hanging wooden hearts and displays dotted around the venue.

Use bark candle holders for table decor or upcycled wooden pallets for displaying important information such as seating arrangements or the order of service for the day. Stacked wooden crates can create amazing features. Fill them with candles, flowers, plants or carefully curated ornaments that can cover parts of your venue that don’t fit your theme or give you a way to separate different parts of the venue, such as for eating and dancing.

Fairy Lights

When you think of an English country garden, what springs to mind when you think about the evening? Soft lighting is the optimal choice for rustic wedding themes, and this means a generous helping of fairy lights around the venue and pictures and fittings. The soft glow of string lights can really set the scene as the sun goes down and allude to the soft, whimsical feeling you associate with this type of wedding theme.

The best part with string lighting is that it can be flexible and placed pretty much anywhere. Intertwined with flower arrangements, draped across the ceiling or atop pergolas and gazebos or illuminating different decor items.

Giant Letters

Giant letters are still a popular wedding decor idea, and choosing a wooden light-up design can help you create a classic English country garden feel indoors and give it that country barn vibe that many couples are opting for. Choose to use your initials along with an & sign; the word LOVE is highly popular or even any word or date that holds meaning for you.

Creating The Best English Country Wedding Theme

The idea of creating a standout English country wedding theme is to make sure all of the items complement each other and are quintessentially English. Rustic metal buckets and watering cans, traditional bicycles, mismatched vintage furniture and quirky decor items can help you build your theme.