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Our guide to Barn Weddings

Barn weddings are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! They offer a unique and rustic setting that is perfect for any wedding. If you are looking for an unforgettable wedding venue, then a barn is a perfect choice.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 reasons why you should have a barn wedding. We will also list some of the best barn wedding venues across the UK. So if you are considering having your wedding in a barn, read on!

1) Barns are beautiful & unique venues

Barns offer a unique and charming setting for your wedding. They are often located in picturesque countryside locations, which makes them the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

What’s more, barns are usually full of character and charm. This is sure to make your wedding day even more special and memorable.

Barns also offer a variety of unique features that you won’t find at other wedding venues. For example, many barns have exposed beams and stone walls, which create a stunning rustic setting.

2) Barn wedding venues are spacious!

Barns are usually much larger than traditional wedding venues, which means that they can accommodate more guests. This is perfect if you are planning a large wedding.

What’s more, the spaciousness of the barns means that there is plenty of room for dancing and mingling. Your guests will be able to enjoy themselves without feeling cramped.

Barns also usually have plenty of outdoor space, which is perfect for summer weddings.

3) UK barn wedding venues have beautiful backdrops

Barns are often located in stunning countryside locations. This means that you will have a beautiful natural backdrop for your wedding photos.

The picturesque setting of the barn will also be a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Your guests will be able to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature while celebrating your special day.

Barns located in the UK also offer a variety of beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos. For example, you could have your photos taken in front of a stunning lake or in an idyllic rural setting.

Barns located in the city can also offer a unique and interesting backdrop for your wedding photos. So if you are looking for a beautiful and unique setting for your wedding, then a barn is a perfect choice.

4) Wedding Guests will love your Beautiful Barn

What’s better than having all your wedding guests admire and remember your wedding setting? They Will be in awe of the picturesque setting and the unique Barn charm.

Not only will your guests love the Barn, but they’ll also love all the activities that come with it. Barns are located in such beautiful settings that have plenty of things to do

5) Animals are always welcome at Barn Venues

One of the great things about a Barn Wedding is that you can have any animal you want present. From Horses to Alpacas, your guests will be in for a treat when they see all the animals around.

Here at Bredenbury Court Barns we are a dog-friendly venue, so your four legged friends are more than welcome!

6) Privacy is the privilege of Barn Venues

When you book a Barn Wedding, you are booking the whole venue for the day. This means that you and your guests will have the place to yourselves and can enjoy complete privacy.

You won’t have to worry about other weddings going on at the same time or people coming in and out of the venue. It’ll be just you and your guests enjoying the Barn to yourselves.

What’s worse than having your wedding at a golf course and having an unexpected guest or golf ball interfere with your special day!

7) Ambiance is everything

Our barn venue is charming, atmospheric, and will create lasting memories for you and your guests. A beautiful barn wedding venue like Bredenbury is perfect for couples who want their wedding day to be truly unforgettable.

From the moment you drive down the long gravel driveway, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat. The Barn is situated in 12 acres of stunning Herefordshire countryside and offers breathtaking views.

As you enter the Barn, you’ll be greeted by the sight of the original oak beams and stonework. The Barn has been sympathetically restored to retain its original character and charm.

The Barn is a truly magical setting for your wedding day and will be sure to take your breath away.

8) Loads of places for the guests to stay!

One of the biggest nightmares when planning a wedding is finding a venue with enough accommodation for the guests. This is not a problem you’ll have to worry about when booking a Barn Wedding at Bredenbury.

We offer three beautiful cottages which can accommodate up to 22 guests. The cottages are located within the grounds of the Barn and provide the perfect place for your guests to stay.

The cottages come complete with everything your guests will need for a comfortable stay, including a fully equipped kitchen, dining area and living room.

There is also plenty of parking available for your guests, so you won’t have to worry about them being able to find a place to park.

Barn Weddings are the perfect choice for couples who want a truly unique and memorable day. If you’re looking for a venue that offers everything you could possibly need, then look no further than Bredenbury Court!

9) Photographers' imaginations can be let free!

When photographers have a spectacular wedding venue as their canvas, it allows them to let their imaginations run free and capture some truly stunning photos.

A rustic barn provides the perfect opportunity for photographers to get creative and capture some beautiful shots that you’ll treasure forever.

If you’re looking for a venue that will provide you with beautiful photos, then look no further than Bredenbury Court Barns!

10) Creativity to craft your dream venue

Finally, the barns offer a blank canvas for the design of your dreams. You can create any atmosphere or style in the barn to make it perfect for your wedding day.

From rustic and country chic to modern and minimal, the choice is yours! Barns are also becoming increasingly popular as more couples are looking for unique and non-traditional venues for their weddings.

If you’re looking for a venue that will allow you to create your dream wedding celebration, then look no further than Bredenbury Court Barns!

Some often asked wedding barn questions:

Can I get married in a barn?

Yes, you can!

Barns are becoming increasingly popular as wedding venues, as they offer a unique and non-traditional setting for your big day. Barns make for the most intimate weddings and are a stunning wedding venue.

What is a rustic bride?

Generally, in weddings “Rustic” is defined as a style that is natural, organic, and emphasizes simplicity. It is often also referred to as ‘country chic’.

A rustic bride is somebody who would like their wedding day to reflect their personal style, which is natural, organic and simple.

They are often drawn to barn venues as they offer a unique and charming setting that is perfect for an intimate wedding.

What do you wear to a barn wedding?

Well, where we take this answer depends on who’s asking!

If you’re a guest to a barn wedding venue, then we recommend that what you wear depends on the time of year and the overall tone of the day.

If you are attending a summer Barn Wedding, then you might want to consider wearing a pretty sundress or a maxi dress.

If the Barn Wedding is taking place in the winter months, then you might want to opt for a long sleeve dress with a cover up.

If you’re the Barn Wedding Bride, then we recommend that you wear something that reflects your personal style and is comfortable for you to wear all day.
Your Barn Wedding dress should be something that makes you feel beautiful and special on your big day!

What is a wedding breakfast?

A wedding breakfast is a banquet-style meal usually served after a wedding ceremony. The wedding breakfast is often held at the same venue as the wedding reception, but can also be held at a different location.

A wedding breakfast is usually a more formal affair than the wedding reception and often features a sit-down meal with multiple courses. wedding breakfasts can also be less formal, with a buffet-style meal or a more informal sit-down meal.

Find out all about wedding breakfasts at Bredenbury Court Barns.

What are the accommodation options at Bredenbury Court Barns?

We are proud to be a wedding venue with onsite accommodation, the chalets are situated within the venue grounds of the Old Manor House and have been carefully designed and placed to blend in with the natural surroundings and incredible views.

A beautiful blend of new and restored, each chalet offers unique characteristics with the same rustic, homely feel reflected throughout the venue and its accommodation.

Constructed with the rest of the venue in 2016, two of the three chalets boast wooden exterior features to reflect the beautiful nature and countryside surrounding the venue.

The West Lodge, however, is the gracefully restored gatekeeper cottage and is perfect for families or groups to stay together.

Our accommodation options at Bredenbury Court Barns:

  • East Lodge
  • West Lodge
  • The Chalet

The East Lodge:

The newly constructed East Lodge comprises 3 double bedrooms, one single room with bunk beds and a large kitchen dining area where breakfast is served for all guests the following day. The East Lodge also proudly houses the biggest, most lavish bedroom of all which is recommended for the happy couple.

Oak vintage décor and deep hues create a homely ambience with a modern twist throughout the East Lodge, ensuring you and your guests have the most comfortable of stays.

West lodge:

Formerly the gatekeeper cottage for the Old Manor House, the West Lodge is a beautifully restored chalet, especially for families or close friends.

Proudly boasting a sun-lit conservatory and preserved rustic features, the West Lodge comprises 3 double bedrooms, one shared bathroom and a kitchenette for six of your guests to enjoy.

The Chalet:

Constructed with the renovation of the venue itself in 2016, both The Chalet and The East Lodge boast similar modern characteristics.

The Chalet houses one en-suite double bedroom and two en-suite family rooms, designed to suit both couples and families alike. Its light and airy character is brought to life with similar oak vintage décor to the rest of the venue and accommodation.


We hope this list of reasons why you should have a barn wedding helps you to make your decision!

And don’t forget, if you’re looking for the perfect barn wedding venue with stunning onsite accommodation, then look no further than Bredenbury Court Barns!

We have everything you need to make your barn wedding dreams a reality.