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A three-piece suit is an investment worth making for any Groomsman on his wedding day. With the option to make the suit as formal or as fun as you like will leave the guests attention not just remarking on the Bride.

But, you may not be sure how to approach a three-piece suit as there are lots of options you have to choose from. Especially, considering that of the fit of your suit. A well-fitting suit can really elevate your self-confidence and what better day to feel amazing than on your wedding day!

A good suit tailor will ensure your three-piece wedding suit fits you as perfectly as a three-piece suit should. But, with increasingly competitive high-street retailers offering off the peg three-piece suits you need to know some key tips to make sure you get the right fit.

Be sure to consider these rules if you are shopping around for your perfect three-piece suit for your wedding day:



  • The shoulder seams of your waistcoat must lay flat on your shoulders
  • Always keep the bottom waistcoat button undone
  • The waistcoat neckline isn’t to be hidden under your suit lapels
  • Your waistcoat must be long enough to just cover the waistband of your suit trousers



  • Ensure the shoulder pads of your jacket end where your shoulders do to avoid being to tight or too loose
  • Never fasten the bottom button of the suit
  • If you have two buttons on your suit jacket, the top button must be higher than your navel.
  • If your suit has three buttons, the mid-button must sit higher than your navel.
  • Your jacket sleeves reach down to where your wrist and thumb join



  • It is best to not wear a belt with your trousers to avoid wrinkling and puckering. Instead wear braces.
  • The length of your trouser is a personal preferences and stylistic choice dependant on your suit
  • Ensure your shirt tucks smoothly into your trousers to avoid bulging and an unsightly waistline


With your choice of shoes, it is best to pick a shoe colour which matches the colour tone of your suit. Black shoes and a black suit is an obvious choice, but black shoes also work with navy or grey suits. Brown shoes pair well with a blue or navy suit, and there are a range of brown leathers to give you plenty of choice.