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A father of the bride speech is a time-honoured tradition that can be both memorable and cringe-worthy. What should you say? What shouldn’t you say? Funny speech or a heartfelt father of the bride speech?

No one is expecting the father of the bride speech to be a laugh-a-minute full-on stand-up comedy act, but a funny story or two along the way, or a laugh or two about the new in laws, coupled with some heart-felt words will be the perfect start to the wedding day that all the guests will appreciate.

Whatever you decide to go for, here are some tips to make your father of the bride speech perfect to celebrate one of the most important days in your daughter’s life.

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Whilst there are no hard and fast father of the bride speech rules, it can be useful to follow a father of the bride speech template to structure your speech and ensure the wedding reception runs smoothly.

What to Include in Your Father of the Bride Speech

Here’s our suggested father of the bride speech structure to plan your speech:

1. Introduce yourself

Don’t forget to introduce yourself as the proud father of the bride as it’s likely that not all the guests will know you as the bride’s dad!

2. Greet the wedding guests

Welcome all the guests to the wedding reception. If there is a dear friend or family members who have travelled a particularly long way to be at the wedding day, this is a good opportunity to thank them for being there as a wedding guest.

3. Talk about your daughter

A father of the bride speech should of course refer to the beautiful bride herself and fond memories of your time together as father and daughter. Reflect on the bride’s childhood and her happy life growing up – if you’d like to inject a funny story or two this is a good point to do so! Perhaps reflecting on times you had late night phone calls from your daughter asking to be picked up from random places or her dreams of meeting her prince charming when she was little!

4. Pay tribute to the woman she’s become

Time for the tissues! Father of the bride speeches are one of the few occasions to tell your daughter exactly how you feel about her. Express how proud you are to have such a daughter and the beautiful woman she has grown into, now here on her wedding day – one of the most important days in your daughter’s life.

5. How the bride and groom met

Time to talk about your new son in law! Perhaps a few words about how the bride came to meet this wonderful young man or a funny story about your initial thoughts of your son in law when you first met?

6. Offer some marriage advice

Time for a few words of wisdom from the proud father! Perhaps reflect with the bride’s mother as to what makes for a long and happy life together and include your tips for your new son in law? Or some funny father of the bride advice around the groom’s job from now on being to keep your daughter happy at all costs?!

7. Raise a toast

Welcome your daughter’s new husband to the family along with the groom’s parents – the new in laws. A father of the bride speech should always finish with a toast to the bride and groom.

What is the best way to finish a father of the bride speech?

A simple toast to the bride and groom is the perfect ending to a father of the bride speech. Wish them a happy and healthy life together and end with inviting the wedding guests to join you in a heartfelt toast to the beautiful bride and her new husband.

If your son in law is next in line to deliver a wedding speech you could round of your speech by introducing him to the wedding reception.

What makes a successful father of the bride speech and what doesn't?

Here’s our top tips for a brilliant father of the bride speech:

  1. Don’t forget to mention the bride’s mother! You didn’t raise this beautiful woman all on your own so don’t take all the credit!
  2. Do include a mention of the groom’s parents – especially if they have contributed financially to the wedding.
  3. We’ve seen all kinds of father of the bride speeches and one thing that never goes down well is mentioning any ex partners! Stick to perfect father worthy and heartfelt father anecdotes instead!
  4. Don’t spend too long thanking people – of course it is absolutely right and proper to thank the wedding guests and those who have contributed to the day, but keep it quick and simple rather than a big long list of thank yous.
  5. Do practice your father of the bride speech and think about how you are going to deliver it on the day. Ask a trusted or dear friend to listen to your father of the bride speech and give their honest feedback.
  6. Try to relax as much as possible – the best father of the bride speeches, and indeed every type of wedding speech, are delivered when you’re as relaxed as you can possibly be.
  7. Don’t worry – you’re the bride’s dad and she loves you. Father of the bride speeches can be nerve-wracking but, in essence, the main thing to remember is to wish the newlyweds a happy life together and keep it simple.


Reflect on the wedding reception’s you’ve been to and the speeches you’ve liked, loved or even really disliked! If your memory fails you, watch some father of the bride speech examples online and see what kind of tone feels right to you.

There’s no perfect father of the bride speech guide to follow – what makes a father of the bride speech perfect is YOU. You are the bride’s father and your fond memories and words are what will make the perfect speech to wish your daughter and son in law well as they begin their married life together.

We hope our father of the bride speech tips will help you create the most memorable speech for your daughter and indeed each and every wedding guest to enjoy!