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Getting Married In A Barn?

A barn can be a very romantic and roomy space, so plenty of guests can come along to see you profess your love to your significant other! Let’s make sure you have a stunning wedding venue to backdrop your big day!

Floating Candles
Light up the aisle with floating candles – they’re simple, and the barn will have room for them.

Ceremonial Hay Bales
Whether you want to prop up a sign or use them as seats, a few stacked hay bales will fit the barn aesthetic tremendously.

The barn will have a naturally high roof, so make use of it. Let balloons float all the way up and act as streamlined centerpieces.

Chalkboard Menu Display
It’s sophisticated, but has a touch of the handmade about it too. Write out your wedding menu on a chalkboard and then display it outside or on a table.

Autumn Inspired Table Dressing
Uses colours like red and brown to complement the style of the barn, and then spray paint a pumpkin or other gourd to sit in the centre, accompanied by autumn flowers.

Use Benches
Instead of tables, make use of benches and stools or high chairs to sit on. It’s very rustic, and will really complement how the barn feels.

Make Use Of Wood
Whether you want a pile of lumber for a photo backdrop, or you’re using a carved piece of wood as a candle holder, make sure all of your accents are wooden in style!