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Many couples are looking for ways to make their wedding more sustainable.  The good news is that this is easier than you might think.  What’s more, it can help your money go further too.  Here are some suggestions to help.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Think about what really matters to you for your wedding and cut out (or at least cut back on) anything else.  For example, if the budget is tight, then consider opting for more affordable engagement and/or wedding rings.  You can always upgrade them later if you want to.  

Going down this route can open up a lot of budget for other purposes without compromising on your wedding photos/video.  It can also help to make your wedding more ethical without putting your budget under pressure.  For example, using lab-grown diamonds ensures that your diamonds are conflict-free but is more affordable than real conflict-free diamonds.

Once you have decided what you really want, then see if you can use what you have, possibly with some adaptations.  Check with family and friends to see if they have anything you can have or borrow for free or at a low cost.  Then see if you could hire/rent what you need rather than buy it.

If you do have to buy new, then think about what you will do with the item after your wedding.  Try to buy items that can be resold, reused, donated or recycled.  Selling on items after you’ve used them can help you to recoup some of your costs as well as help someone else and help the environment.

Avoid disposables

As a rule of thumb, anything disposable takes more of a toll on the environment than anything reusable.  At a minimum try to avoid single-use plastics.  Be aware that these can come in unexpected forms.  For example, a lot of “paper” cups are actually lined with plastic.  These cups may be theoretically recyclable but in practice, it’s virtually impossible to do so.

If you must use disposables, look for sustainable options.  That generally means plastic-free paper and bamboo.  Consider asking your guests to bring their own cutlery or at least straws.  This can hugely cut down on waste (and costs).

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